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AEW - OCT 2021

The Natural

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1 hour ago, Hayabusa said:

Y'know I've had some referrals to blocking particular folks to avoid this repeating issue with photo/tweet/gif spam from the same part(y). January 2022 photo&gif thread, 1st post Rippa lays out a simple guideline for pictures gifs tweets etc. Didn't take a week for it to get blatantly ignored. Accidentally got the thread closed for a day for my rude reaction to the spam. Idiot me I figured if someone is picture-tweet spamming for Likes they can just open an actual social media account or something? 🤔 

Tldr- I can't recommend blocking as it would mean I'd miss out on some monthly threads as well as some weekly wrestling threads along with some of the comic movies tv threads. Blocking means I'd miss out on the discussion that I enjoy taking place around the pic spam

Gordi, Just Drew, Goodyear, Matt D, Jiji and many others give some great insights into their thought process on what works for them and what doesn't. Noflips will add some stuff, lots of great stuff by the majority of the posters in the Aew and wwe forums, so I mean I personally dig the discussion portions of the board. Badbury had that take about Cody that really opened my eyes about a week back, maybe two? 


Tldr Really love when a message board has well written discussions, even if both sides don't see eye to eye. I love a good list when someone highlights and calls out the thoughts behind their rankings and what exactly gives this match a higher spot vs that other match. Lists for the List God with no thoughts or comments behind it, for me.. no thanks.

Look, I don't want to make a scene but this is a really shitty thing to say.  If you don't like somebody just put him on ignore and be done with it.

As for Elevation I loved Liona and wouldn't be mad seeing him again.  And Sakurai/Tehaka was a great mean girl match even if the crowd wasn't into it.  I tend to skip Reka's matches sometimes to save time on a long episode.  But with this being a short one I'm glad I watched.  I'll have to keep an eye on her.

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Judging by the latest Sammy vlog, the blonde fan who Archer used as a weapon was Marcus Kross, without his hair all anime'd up.

And also, Dark spoiler:


Sammy gets a massive nosebleed in his match.


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Dark Elevation was really good this week. 5 matches. All of them entertaining in one way or another. 1) Leyla Hirsch and Riyo Mizunami team up and are a ton of fun. 2) FTR on Dark is always the best, and being matched up against a monster named Toa the Samoan Lion makes the best even better. 3) Emi Sakurai, which means Lulu pencil, who gets two big laughs out of me for her actions in the background. 4) QT vs 10, where QT gets a massive shiner. 5) No More BS vs three dudes, which is every bit as much fun as you might expect.

Dark has a Fish opener, a Dragon main event, The debut of Too Fast Too Fuego, Riho, Kingston, Dante, a guy where the "R" in his surname is pronounced as an "H" who looks cool and can kick (though that match went WAY too long) and a negative One appearance!

Do I need to point out that the Danielson match is pretty great? I do not. "Frankly my dear, do you think I give a damn?" That is a Rhett-orical question.


The Elite vs. The Dark Order
Sammy Guevara vs Ethan Page for the TNT Title
Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida in Round 1 of the TBS Tournament
Mox vs 10 in the Eliminator Tournament
Punk vs Fish!


Lio Rush & Dante Martin vs Sydals
Dragon vs King (a classic match-up if ever there was one) in the Eliminator!!


Probably there's more. Do we need more? That seems like enough, to be honest. 


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1 hour ago, RunningFromAmerica said:

Looks like they covered it.


Waitaminnit.Is Cody going to do a whole Bullett Bob Armstrong as the Bullett thing?  I can't imagine how much that would rule.

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7 hours ago, BrianS81177 said:

So did I just miss Cody... err Fuego 2's shitty neck tattoo or did they cover it with makeup?

Someone said Fuego 2 was less jacked than Cody is, and so I was trying to tell them it was actually Chris Daniels under the hood.

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So I'm re-watching the Blood and Guts episode of Dynamite, and there's a Cody vs QT match where Cody starts spontaneously bleeding from the eye while applying a figure four. It's bizarre.

Right before he took him down for the leglock, QT flipped Cody off, and it looks like in going for the legs, Cody headbutted QT's finger, and his fingernail sliced Cody's eye socket. Utterly bizarre. We've seen literally thousands of eye pokes in MMA, and they never seem to lead to gushing blade jobs.

It's the same show where Men of the Year throw Darby down some stairs. Pretty eventful for a pandemic era show, all things considered.

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AEW Dark 10/26/21

Bobby Fish vs Invinctus Khash: In general, I feel like you can get better pacing on Dark than Dynamite, but Fish sure didn't give this guy much. Just brutal strikes up and down, all of them looking great (good on both guys for that for that). Khash got to catch the foot on a kick and did a little switch-a-roo that I actually saw Ishikawa do yesterday but man did Ishikawa do it better. The jumping knee cut off was beautiful. I can't say I'm super familiar with Fish but the guy is wrestling like he has something to prove and that he knows this is his last, best chance. I'm not sure what his ceiling is but I'd buy him as a guy at that Spears level in a faction no question.

Riho vs Xtina Kay: I really haven't seen that much Riho. The early tit-for-tat exchanges worked, as much due to Kay's trash talk and immediate comeuppance as Riho's smoothness. There were a couple of poor physics/timing moments here, like the transition to Kay's offense when Riho had to stand still for a moment when she should have been running so her hair could get grabbed. Things snapped more when Riho was on offense with my favorite bit being the knees to the knees in the Romero Special set up position. Very Monsoony with Excalibur and Taz griping about the unnecessary backflips. They cost Kay in the end, sure, but that's part of the house style to a degree and while I hate it, I'm not sure if it's the announcers job to crap all over it or to bs some fake physics reasons why it would work. It's part of modern wrestling.

Eddie Kingston vs Jack Evans: Unsurprisingly, this was really good. Good on Jack for being irritating enough to get heat after coming in flippy and entertaining. It went from the studio wrestling comedy with Bryce and Jack's new look to Eddie leaning hard into Jack's kicks very abruptly. Then Evans not just leaned into the chops but ran into them (but in a way that made total sense for his character and the match). Evans bumped himself on the Michinoku Driver which is on brand. Both of these guys made what their opponent did look amazing. Took two tries for the Saito suplex beacuse that's the house style. It makes sense to have Eddie win with the Stretch Plum since he's up against Danielson next. Good to reestablish a submission for him as it might come into play. Really liked this. My MOTN.

Dante Martin vs JDX: Martin in enhancement matches is fun. All of this was fun. The chain wrestling to start. JDX's cut offs. Martin is a guy who does all of that extra, needless motion, but he does it so fast and so smooth that he makes it look like it makes sense, which is a hell of an accomplishment. I'm curious what sort of footage Martin watches. I would have liked to see Rush do a little more meaningful things out on the floor. I thought he did a pretty good job coaching in the Black match for instance.

Tiger Ruas vs DJ Brown: Giving him a promo after a quick win is a good use of this time in getting people familiar with him. I might not have stacked this so soon after the Evans match as he did similar kicks.

Diamante vs Skyler Moore: Got to give Diamante wins now and again to keep her credible. This was short and sweet but worked. Little bit of a slugfest. Moore makes one mistake. Diamante capitalizes. Nice nervehold bodyscissors submission.

10 vs Shane Stetson: I would have liked to see 10 do one other big power move in this one. He ran through Stetson like a freight train which was nice but something with heft would have been good given how small Stetson was relatively.

Fuego/Fuego Dos: vs Bandit/Alexander: Ok, first off, I watched a bunch of this with a smile, good on them. Alexander's tombstone should NOT have been in this match, or if it was, it should have been after Fuego had taken out Bandit so that it set the stage for Fuego being out of the match and Fuego 2 picking up the win. Past the powerbomb counter, we didn't actually see Dos do much but get beat on. I was hoping to see a missile dropkick from him because I'm sort of an expert on those from certain wrestlers. I'd be happy seeing more of Bandit or Alexander but that tombstone was a ridiculous thing to do in the studio in a match like this when Fuego was just going to recover twenty seconds later. Come on guys.

Danielson vs Solo: One good thing about enhancement or JTTS matches is that it lets people actually hit stuff that will get countered almost every other bigger match. Most of the time Danielson goes for his corner flurry to end with the top rope rana, it's not going to work. Here it did. Solo was so much less interesting than Comoroto or QT as an opponent. The deal with AEW Danielson is he's going to push you to your point of desperation and Solo's point of desperation was pretty mild. Most interesting things here were when QT was getting involved and how Danielson leaned into those opportunities. I'm a little surprised Danielson didn't do anything more experimental here. I suppose that was saved for session 2 and the hood? We'll find out next week, I guess.

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