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3 hours ago, AxB said:

"I got yelled at by Austin Aries for doing a headlock takeover that way. He told me you should always post and go down on one knee before you flip them over. Someone said hbk and Bret don't do that and he said "they're doing it wrong"

Austin Ares is a dipshit, no argument there. But he's actually right in this instance. It's not that what Bret & Hennig did was wrong by any means, it's that they know what they're doing enough to deviate from the basics and keep each other safe. Bret & Curt probably worked each other 10,000 times and knew they could ramp it up and go harder than just the basics. But if I were in a match with a dude I've never worked with before (presumably like his scenario) and they guy did a headlock takeover like that without giving me a heads up in the back to know how to better protect myself, I'd be a little mad too.

Wrestling is all about protecting your opponent. The way they do the headlock in the clip is not the safe way to do one. Which is okay they are both pros from wrestling families that know how to protect themselves and keep each other safe. But I have no idea who that worker is that tweeted that, but safe to say he ain't no Hennig or Hart. So I would not be happy with him taking liberties with me like that. Ares did a shit job of explaining *why* he was mad in this case. But he wasn't wrong.

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