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October 2021 Wrestling GIFs and Pics

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8 hours ago, Zimbra said:

Damn, I had never heard of Frank Andersson but he looks awesome.  All kings of cool suplexes and amateur wrestling shit, plus super agile. 

Andersson was in WCW for a bit back in '94, but I never saw his matches there, only read about him in WCW magazine. I did see a couple of his matches from NJPW. Those were tag matches. It would have been cool to see him face Tony Halme over there, but I'm not at all sure if they were even on the roster at same time for that to happen. What I saw was decent, but judging by the hype and photos from the magazine, I was expecting more from him. These clips are better that what I seem to recall.

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54 minutes ago, AxB said:

Baltimore Celebfest, yesterday:


If anyone deserves a shot at the big time on national tv it's Dem Boys! It'd be great to see them get a one-shot deal against FTR or the Lucha Bros. The Briscoes are my favorite tag team over the last 20 years and hopefully they'll get a crack at national exposure before their time is up.

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Random YouTube recommendation: A very young, very drunk Orange Cassidy goes shirtless nightclubbing, with a fish.


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