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October 2021 Wrestling GIFs and Pics

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3 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

That reminds me I need to get back into GTA.  Too bad work got psycho crazy today.

Somewhere Shawn's long hair is in a basement somewhere as "Tell me a lie" loops in the background.

I'm picturing Shawn as Ice Cube in Lil Jon's "Real N***a Roll Call" video, only it's his jheri curl in the cabinet instead of the Raiders hat.

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16 hours ago, D.Z said:


I was at the RAW where Austin turned the tables and put Undertaker on that symbol. There was also a Beaver Cleavage segment. Unfortunately that was also Owen Hart's last RAW as Over the Edge was next week.

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So, like i didn't have enough to mark out about already today...

My friend Juan tipped me off about a pop-up puroresu shop that was set up in a local mall this weekend. Something I'd naively hoped would happen all the time over here, but in fact this was the first time I've seen anything like this anywhere outside Tokyo since Mr. Hito's shop closed.

Giant Baba's boots: 



Giant Baba's t-shirt:


Tiger Mask's mask:


And I'll spoiler the rest, and post the t-shirts I bought in the merch thread:









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