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Translating the ring announcer

Ellsworth Toohey

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red corner is aka konaa, the i is removed to connect the adjective aka to the Japanified noun corner


(nyuuturaru konaa is neutral corner, har har har)


when they put yori behind ao konaa or aka konaa, that's "from" (or literally something like "(coming) from (the direction of)" I think)


ipponshobu o konaimasu is, like.. this match is set for one fall


X-bun/fun is the time limit - jyuugofun is 15, sanjyuubun is 30, rokujyuubun 60, etc


(also nice to know that when the announcer says something like "jyuugofun kenka" during a match, that's the amount of time fought at that point)


bla bla X-kyuu senshuken jiai means it's a bla bla X-weight title match

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