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24 years ago

This is right around where I first found pieces of insider wrestling news on the internet the first time. Maybe a little bit earlier, since I recall reading the SummerSlam'97 results then also, but within the same month, anyway! I was both fascinated and really bummed out at the same time! "Fuck, so it IS fake! And I've not only wasted my life, but also looked like a complete idiot while doing so! Oh well, I'm almost 20, so too late now! Let's see what else they've got here..."  Fast forward 24 years, and here we are, still!

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No top rope Leg Drop beats the Alabama Jam


Midnight Express vs. Southern Boys at The Great American Bash 1990. One of the best tag team matches ever.

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Lady Frost dislocates her ankle, and then hits a Belly to Back Suplex. With a dislocated ankle.

Tough as nails.


Thunder Rosa is for the kids!

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