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Secret Santo in July

Matt D

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So, I've got @moribundagain, huh? 

Steven William Regal is probably a top-five guy all-time for me, and his early tag team with Robbie Brookside has been one of my favorites when I fire YouTube up and let it randomly play while I work.  They're such a good fiery young babyfaces team and it's fun to see Regal figure it out (though he was always at least "good," I think). 

Anyway, this is under twenty minutes not including the introductions. I hope that you find it to be at the very least an interesting curiosity. 

EDIT: Also, this is sort of a weird match, but let me just tell you that some Undertaker-level shit happens in this match in advance. 

Steven Regal and Robbie Brookside vs. Blondie Barrett and Kendo Nagasaki


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Guest Jimbo_Tsuruta

Tenryu v Savage

Savage postures and stalls like only he can at the start while Sherri prowls at ringside radiating bad intent.

Tenryu is unimpressed and after a brief shoving match he unloads a flurry of chops. Tenryu's fire has been lit - he yells at his downed opponent while Sherri rushes to check on Macho Man. She climbs on the apron and Tenryu charges across the ring, only to crash into the turnbuckle allowing Savage to answer back with a boot to the throat, choking and crisp punches.

Tenryu reverses a whip, clattering Savage with a lariat, but he only gets a two count. Macho Man is sent to the ropes again, however he greets Tenryu with a boot to the mush. Sherri is whipping up a storm ringside. Savage races at his opponent but gets backdropped out of the ring for a great bump. Tenryu dives out after him and both men are sprawled out.

Tenryu is first to his feet looking to nail the retreating Savage, but Sherri sprints round to clobber her adversary. Once Tenryu turns he gets blindsided by MM, who slams him off the announce desk after knocking him to the ground. Savage tosses Tenryu back in the ring and whips him to the corner.

Tenryu fires back with a couple of kicks to rock MM, but Savage downs Tenryu, getting a two count. He's choking and drilling his opponent with punches. The ref intervenes at the latest choke, gets shoved to the mat. A clothesline and lariat send Tenryu back down, then MM presses his boot into his opponent's neck.

The ref admonishes Savage again but no DQ is issued. Tenryu is discombobulated, rolling to the outside. Looks like Sherri has a go. Then MM comes off the top with the double axehandle, clattering Tenryu and sending him to the concrete. It's looking bleak for Big G. He gets beat up by Savage while Sherri gives both barrels.

As Tenryu attempts to follow MM back into the ring she nails him with a high heel. Savage comes off the top with another double axehandle, yet Big G kicks out at two. A slam, kneedrop and big elbow off the top cant put Tenryu away either.

MM rakes the eyes but crashes and burns once he flies off the top again, getting punched in the stomach by Big G, who tries to lift him up for a powermbomb. No dice. Savage comes off the top once more, trying to flatten Tenryu but hurting his knee instead. As MM hobbles away, Big G launches a headkick then powerbombs Savage for the win.

This was all kinds of fun, thanks @Morganti

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@Curt McGirt

I got you again, huh! 😝 Here, have a Light Tubes, Giga Ladder and Glass Board deathmatch between Isami Kodaka and Masashi Takeda. Masashi is fucking awesome, and it’s not all just about mindless violent/gross spots for the sake of it. Apparently you’ll need a YouTube account but it’s age restricted 😂


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5 hours ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

So, I've got @moribundagain, huh? 

Steven William Regal is probably a top-five guy all-time for me, and his early tag team with Robbie Brookside has been one of my favorites when I fire YouTube up and let it randomly play while I work.  They're such a good fiery young babyfaces team and it's fun to see Regal figure it out (though he was always at least "good," I think). 


Hey, neat @SirSmellingtonofCascadia! I also really enjoy Regal, and haven't seen any of his early work - nor have I seen any Robbie Brookside, so I'm looking forward to this.

For you, how about some NOAH tag action? Yoshihiro Takayama and Minoru Suzuki are putting the IWGP Tag Titles (yes, New Japan's tag titles!) on the line against the baby-faced, beefy boi team of Takeshi Rikio and Takeshi Morishima. It feels to me like this one has a bit of a southern tag formula influence to it, but see what you think for yourself:

OH! Forgot to mention originally that there are a good 6-7 minutes of introductions at the beginning of this footage, so the match is about 16-17 minutes.

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Added match time info.
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HA! Now we have two Double Takeshis matches this time around, and they both have Takayama. Good deal moribund. 


Big Japan - 20th June 2018 - Isami Kodaka vs. Masashi Takeda (Light Tubes, Giga Ladder and Glass Board Death Match)

I got to thinking about the psychology of puro and wrestling in general watching this. The new era of Big Japan with the arrival of Honma and Yamakawa was All Japan influenced, increasing spots and big moves leading to a finish. (Prior to that it was basically W*ING/IWA Japan on steroids with bigger gimmicks.) There was another era that came in with the goon squad of Kasai, Numazawa, Ito, Sasaki, and Miyamoto that were doing an NJ Juniors version of death match which was more about speed, agility and enormous high spots. Probably the height of that style was Sasaki vs. Miyamoto with the scaffold. Now the glass thing kept going and going and right when I was getting burnt out there were new guys, isami (spelled like e.e. cummings) and Takeda coming in. This is them a couple years down the road. Isami still looks like he weights 98 lbs. soaking wet but his body is ripped to pieces and his face looks much older, older than Takeda even. 

So the match begins and it seems to me like the formula has been tweaked yet again. Since I stopped watching BJW Strong Style Division started up and was full of beefers beating on each other and created some incredible tag matches especially. This feels like almost a Strong Style Death Match, where they just beat on each other and beat on each other until they start with the big moves and somebody finally drops. There isn't as much of a feeling of escalation at first (or at all, really) with the tube stuff because it's pretty rote, let's get this Fighting Spirit stuff out of the way. Breaking a tube on yourself or your opponent is the same as a forearm exchange even though they do those too. And they do that for awhile, then introduce a ladder, then introduce this pad of needle? nails? that crisscross each other and do some safe bumps with that, and then finally fully hit the gas and just no sell finishers until one guy is done. There was also a pair of scissors in there that they do an armbar exchange with which was kinda nutty. 

Was it good? I thought it wasn't anything different than I've seen, and honestly felt like it was almost retro with the obstinate use of the glass and the stabbing bits which were right out of the old Abdullah playbook. I don't think it was better than Yamakawa/Honma or Miyamoto/Sasaki, or probably even a particular Kasai titles match that I can't remember. The crowd certainly ate it up and were NUCLEAR the whole time. What it really showed me though is that wrestling is always evolving and I'm wondering if the go-go PWG (read: most other current promotions) style is next to infect Big Japan and death match, or that's already happened and I'm just not seeing it. Maybe this IS that. If so I wish they told more of a story. Gage vs. Jericho was even better than it in that respect, and also had a top-rope highspot through a pane of glass.

EDIT: Two more things. 1. Having a white mat is not good for seeing glass on it. 2. I've never seen somebody chop or slap the bloody, cut-up back of one of these guys and that would be a perfect thing to do in such a match.

Edited by Curt McGirt
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We get a Horseman vs future horseman match!

For the NWA tag titles!

Jim and Tony on the desk

JJ Dillon on the outside.  Lets hook em up!


Lex is an early house of fire hitting a great pair of clotheslines and then an awesome Powerslam on Tully
Torture rack EARLY and Arn is in to break it up goin right after the leg.

Luger is an underrated seller in my opinion.  Squirmin, writhing and generally making it look like its dying

Arn and Tully have some of the best "miss communication spots"

Windham has great punches and gets the hot tag hitting an awesome lariat and an awesome power slam before he slaps a sleeper on Tully!  He holds on all the way to the floor!

I bet Arn gives a great neck rub... which he gives to Tully before they get back in the ring.  Tully does a flair tribute getting caught on the top.  Barry locks Tully into the abdominal stretch and Arn breaks it up, gets tagged in, and hits his awesome DDT for 2, and a high back drop on Barry for 2.

Knuckle Log pin sequence leads to Arn crotching himself.  And we are 5 minutes deep and they have worked a sprint!

Tully in and gets some back and forth before a high cross body from Barry for 2!

They do some rope running and we get both man down!  We get a great headlock->head scissors->bridge from Tully and Barry.  Barry hits a sweet ass suplex but can't put the horseman away.

Southern style tag matches are great.  These dudes are selling everything like its death.  

Slingshot suplex only gets TWO! and the crowd is apoplectic!
Windham finally gets the hot tag to Lex!  Arn bumps and feeds for him and we build to a great double noggen knocker!

Luger hits a shoulder block but then gets his momentum interrupted by a Tully knee to the back.  Lex hits a sweet powerslam, it breaks down and then JJ brings in a chair... that Arn promptly gets run into. and Lex pins him for 3 and NEWWWWWWWWWWWW Champs!!!!

The roof is blown off!

Man Classic NWA (the rap group and the wrestling promotion) is so good.  They went out there and condensed a 20-30 minute match down to a 10 minute sprint to get the crowd rocking!  I would like to imagine that afterwards they all went in the back and pounded a 6 pack each while counting the money.  This is a great example of how to put over your babyfaces without killing all the heat of the heels.  JJ Dillion tried something and it failed.  Even jumping into the ring to try and stop the pin but just missing the ref.  So much good selling that is just over the top enough to play to the lights but subdued enough to not be HBK vs Hogan. 


Speaking of, Lex kinda hits the ropes like Hogan does and now that I have seen it I can't unsee it and now you can't either.


Thanks @Jimbo_Tsuruta

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On 7/31/2021 at 12:01 PM, Spontaneous said:

@Zimbra, did you ever get a chance to watch that ROH match I recommended? Either way, here is a change of pace from that:

There is some hardway blood here but it's a glorious beat down by Kingston on Shane Storm from Chikara.

Thanks!  I'm looking forward to this because I've seen next to no Kingston outside of AEW.

I did watch your earlier match and I swear I'll write something about it, I've just been crushed taking care of my wife after surgery and getting my dad moved.  Hopefully in the next couple of days.

I've got something light for you this week.  The WWF C-Shows haven't really been known for their hidden gems like the WCW ones were, but it turns out when you put Lawler, Terry Funk, and Dustin in a match together it's pretty good:


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@Casey  i have not seen this one before. I'll probably still seek out Samoa Joe/Necro Butcher, because, you know.... violence.

Dog Collar Match: CM Punk  vs  Raven (7/19/03, ROH Death Before Dishonor)

fun promo from Punk before the match starts. He looks like a super low rate Steve Corino with that stringy dyed blonde hair. those basketball shorts are horrible.

Raven just dominates early, being in his hardcore element. Punk bleeds in the first 2 minutes or so. Now the Corino comparison is even more apt. He takes a beating. Nice spot where Punk wraps the chain around his leg and delivers a kneedrop to Raven's cranium. Surprised that's not more common in these type of matches. 

They brawl though the crowd for like 10 minutes, which is too long and i tune out for a bit. Oh, they're back in the ring now. back and forth action, some good stuff. Raven with a series of like 12 clotheslines, which is...something. In the end, we see a ref bump and Raven gets a visual pinfall, but after interference from Colt Cabana and Danny Doring, Punk gets the actual victory. Punk wraps Raven in the ropes, cruxifiction style, and pours beer into his mouth. Tommy Dreamer appears and lays Punk out with a chair.

Yeah, this definitely had its moments. It was a good match, and the crowd loved every minute of it. I'm kind of crowd brawling burned out, having just watched all of ECW, but even that was good. The pre- and post-match antics of Punk were easily the best part of this for me.

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Last week. It's been a good run and I think people were glad for it. Nice job, all. Going to pull @Super Apesince we haven't heard from him for a bit.


Matt D
@Curt McGirt


@Spontaneousgives a match to @Zimbra
@Zimbragives a match to @Jimbo_Tsuruta
@Jimbo_Tsurutagives a match to @Spontaneous

Curt, I more or less know your blind spots but I'm never sure how you've been filling them recently. Any requests?

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Why I can't remember that we reset this project on Saturday rather than Sunday will forever remain a mystery to me. Apropos of that @SirSmellingtonofCascadia I will get to my review of the Regal/Brookside v. Barrett/Nagasaki you gave me later this afternoon.

In the meantime I don't want to leave @Casey hanging and with Regal on my mind, how about this?


BTW Casey, if you want to send me that Megumi Kudo match you were thinking about our first go around I am down.

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2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

@Matt DGive me Bobby Eaton matches. I know you're doing the thing over at Segunda but pick a pair. 

This was the Bobby Eaton I first encountered as a kid:

Neither are too long.

And here's MX vs the Southern Boys from GAB 90 which I bet you've never seen.


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