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July 2021 Wrestling Imagery.

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10 hours ago, Technico Support said:

RVD sold being hurt whether he hit the frog splash or not.


9 hours ago, Wyld Samurai said:

That's what made it so deadly. If it hurt you to hurt them then you know it's a high risk finish.

High risk for a high flyer.

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3 hours ago, Rev Ray said:

Big dick energy...






It goes really well with the washed-out color of his tights in the photo blending with his skin making it look like he's wrestling naked

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A local rescue in my area did that.  They name litters and strays after musicians, actors, pop culture celebrities, athletes, Disney characters, etc.  There was a pro wrestling litter last year.  Definitely remember Steve Austin, Rocky, and Hulkster.   There were a few others, irrc.

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