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1 hour ago, Curt McGirt said:

Who is old girl with Jungle Jack?



Anna Jay, spoiled for size.

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3 hours ago, Infinit said:

Jungle B may have lost on Saturday night, but he is winning at life.

Well on the flip side Anna Jay may be recovering from injury but she is also winning at life.  Which is basically me saying they are one incredible looking couple.  Oh, and they're also seemingly really great people so even better. 

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8 hours ago, quackhell said:

I feel an awful lot of douchebro energy in reactions to this. Not so much here, but man the creep factor is high to be sure.

You're not wrong.  I did a quick peek to confirm that it was Anna but it was a chore to get through.   But that's unfortunately part of wrestling Twitter for ya.

EDIT:  The Dynamite thread came close to that territory at points but I could at least tell it was general joking around.  At least here the possible creep factor is a bit more subtle compared to Twitter.

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