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Impact Wrestling - 5/6/21: Build to Under Siege

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Solid show here with lots of in ring action. Some good matches but the backstage bits may have been my favorite parts of the show. Swinger's Palace was hilarious as usual and the bits with Deonna trying to avoid her challengers was fun. Real good main event with Moose and Storm. Cool note that Rhino's TNA debut was against Sabin back in 2005 and now 16 years later, they meet again and this was just their 2nd singles match.




*Before the Impact Preshow Match: Jake Something def. Mahabali Shera (w/ Rohit Raju) (13:59) after the Black Hole Slam

Impact Wrestling - Airing May 6, 2021

*Chris Sabin (w/ James Storm) def. Rhino (w/ Eric Young, Deaner, & Joe Doering) (6:45) with a magistral rollup to advance to the Under Siege 6 Way. 

*Taylor Wilde def. Susan (w/ Kimber Lee) (2:30) with a German Suplex after Tenille Dashwood interfered. After the match, Tenille tried to celebrate with Taylor like a team and take a picture with her but Taylor wanted none of it and left.

*Trey Miguel def. Rohit Raju (w/ Mahabali Shera) (11:54) via hourglass submission to advance to the Under Siege 6 Way. After the match, Jake Something came out and took out Rohit & Shera. 

*Doc Gallows (w/ Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, & Don Callis) def. Juice Robinson (w/ David Finlay) (7:15) with the Gallows Pole. After the match, the Bullet Club attack FinJuice. Eddie Edwards tried to make the save but got beat down as well.

*El Phantasmo def. VSK (3:14) after a Superkick.

*Rachael Ellering (w/ Jordynne Grace) def. Kiera Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) (4:41) after the Bosswoman Slam

*Moose def. James Storm (16:57) after the Spear to advance to the Under Siege 6 Way. After the match, Moose smashed Storm's ankle in a steel chair. Chris Sabin ran out to check on Storm as Moose left.



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I'm watching the ladies and all the Kenny Omega stuff so I'm up to like 14 minutes of Impact viewing a week now.

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I am confused as hell how Taylor Wylde has actually gotten better in the ring then she was before.  Was she working indies all these years that have been completely off the radar?   She was always good but not this good.  


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