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It's been 30 days, who are you digging?

10. KiLynn King-  She's been on Elevation and Dark and is getting a minor push as the low woman on the totem pole with Big Swoll and Red Velvet.  I dig her offense and she is more dominant in her indies matches.  You could build a good feud with her as an ass stomping heel.

9. Raychell Rose-  Texas indies are all over the internet and they are all going to AEW because of Thunder Rosa is getting them in, I'm guessing.  She was trained by Booker T so she'll lay it in, but she is probably the most polished of the Texas indie gals.  I assume she will be on NXT in the next year.

8. Kaho Kobayashi-  I only saw one match or she would have been higher.  She is so awesome.  That's the problem with Japanese freelancers, they wrestle twice a month and it never shows up on the in the internet.

7. Sarray!  She finally showed up on NXT!  It is a reason that I will not fast forward through NXT.  Will be higher as she gets more matches under her belt on my FREE TV!

6. Miyu Yamashita-  From Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.  She has popped up in a few matches on Youtube.  She does a shooter gimmick, but since it's TJPW, she does it really safe.  But she is spunky and intense and isn't all cutesy like 90 percent of the TJPW roster.

5. Tae Conti- I loved her two matches against Shida and the Bunny.  I had not paid attention to her before that.  I noticed that she has a unique offense and will kick you right in the face, which I appreciate.

4. Madi Wrenkowski-  Her stuff in the Texas indies the last month has been eye-opening, especially since she has only been wrestling for just over a year.  She gets the match over with her facial expressions which will go a long way until she develops a credible offense.

3. Natsupoi-  Your Stardom High Speed champ!  I really dug her match against Starlight Kid and especially her match against Tam Nakano.  Stardom has the deepest roster in Japan and it actually makes sense that they have 19 belts because she is a fun minor champion.  Very athletic and sells really well.  Plus one of her finishers is called the Fairy Train.  ADORABLE.

2. Ryo Mizunami-  I think I'm obsessed with Mizunami.  I follow her twitter every day to find out how many bass she caught fishing with Micheal Namazawa.  AEW has her on Elevation every week and that's more than I ever got of her when she is in Japan.  And I love her tag team with Leyla Hersch.

1. Mio Momono!  MARVELOUS is invading SENDAI GIRLS! AND THEIR SHOWING A LOT OF IT ON YOUTUBE!  Mio has been the best part, being Chigusa's pointman in beating the hell out of Satomura's army!  Mio going from cute comedy tag team wrestler to being point of the spear to jab into the Sendai Girls has been waaaay fun.

HONORABLE MENTIONS:  Mayu Iwatani because of her conveyance of hatred for Tam Nakano in the one match I watched of her the last month.  Miyuki Takase will lay it in.

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I will admit my list is mainly AEW with some WWE sprinkled in.

Leyla Hirsch-She needs to be in Team Taz yet at the same time I like her a face too much.  As long as she continues to be awesome I'm cool with whatever she does.

Kilynn King-I'm sure they're going to sign some ex-WWE people once their no-complete runs out.  But for the love of everything please sign her if they haven't done so.  She brought big-time against Ryo and she's been consistently delivering the goods.

Tay Conti-Tay keeps getting better and better which is both a FU to the Performance Center and also a sign of how much she wants to be her best self with the freedom to go for it.  Plus she's quite adorable and I'm amused by the fact that -1 has such a crush on her (can't blame him for that)

Ryo Mizunami-I was not prepared to like her as much as I did from that tournament.  But she's just so great to watch whether she's doing singles or tags.  Still on the fence about the mime spot but the rest of it I like.

Red Velvet-I love her overall attitude as she sounds like a sweetheart backstage yet has a tough-as-nails attitude to go with her charisma.  I'm hoping by either late this year or early next year she gets a run with the title.

Kris Statlander-I always liked from the first time seeing her in AEW.  Last night seemed like she hasn't lost a step and I think if she doesn't hold back then she'll be in title contention in no time.

Raquel Gonzalez-First time I saw her was a few years ago when she was in a battle royal.  She showed flashes of what she could do then but it's great to see how far she's come.

Britt Baker-Britt just straight up gets it.  She has the charisma, moves and overall presentation to take her to the next level.  I like Shida but the sooner Britt has the title the better.

Abadon-Speaking of somebody that gets it Abadon sure as shit does.  While her moveset isn't as varied as others it doesn't need to be.  She wrestles like a horror movie villain and is something that adds a lot to her overall presentation.  Not sure what her future holds but she's a very welcome addition to the roster.

Bianca Belair-She can do it all and I'm really loving what she's been doing.  Her main eventing WM with Sasha was huge and I'm so glad to see her with the title.

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  • Edith Surreal
  • Lady Frost
  • Trish Adora
  • Dark Sheik
  • Tay Conti
  • Billie Starkz
  • Ziggy Haim
  • Kiera Hogan
  • Thunder Rosa
  • Leyla Hirsch
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Like, @NikoBaltimore mine will be a mix of WWE/AEW.

5. Hikaru Shida. Great match between her and Tay Conti for Shida's AEW World Women's Championship on AEW Dynamite last week. Shida next month will be the first to have a year long reign and deservedly so.

4. Tay Conti. Such improvement! Great match between her and Hikaru Shida for Shida's AEW World Women's Championship on AEW Dynamite last week. Marked out for the judo throws. Love to see a rematch between the two with the martial arts both do in MMA attire (gloves/barefoot). Both could pull off the worked shoot style.

3. Dr Britt Baker. The charisma, the presentation. Has to be the next AEW World Women's Champion at next month's Double or Nothing 3.

2. Bianca Belair. She with Sasha Banks had the best match of WrestleMania XXXVII, there's only WWE match I have ahead of it in 2021 and that's WALTER/Ciampa at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Night 1.

1. Sasha Banks. Big fan of the Legit Boss. My #1 Women's Wrestler out of the two companies. Her and Bianca Belair went on last at Night 1 of WrestleMania and really delivered as we'd expect of both. Good on Sasha taking the hairwhip from hell.

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Posted (edited)

Spot of the year. Sasha Banks kept exploiting Bianca Belair's braid. Boy, Bianca made Banks pay for it. The sound of and check the crowd's reaction to it both verbally/people wincing in the crowd.

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This list starts and ends with Tam Nakano, whose joy and love of pro-wrestling shines through in her every match!
(Okay I love Natsupoi too in all her Yagi-esque awesomeness)



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