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17 hours ago, odessasteps said:

I believe that move was banned and let to Dustys immortal line “don’t do shit you don’t know how to do.”

Looks to me he knew how to do it. Not safely, probably, but that looked amazing! If Dusty added "You're gonna end up killing someone by accident, baby!" , then I'm fine with that line.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Dusty had said "Don't do shit I don't know how to do!"

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Where's Poochie?
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More Remy Bayle & Mr Montreal vs Cheri Bibi & Eric Husberg

I really love the leg nelson, especially when guys get just plastered by the leg in it.


Husberg is such a jerk. Look at that heel escape off the push off.


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22 hours ago, AxB said:
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Hey, Adam! Telling them how your day sucked too, when they look for some compassion is NOT "What Women Want"!

...On a related note, during this particular shoot, Danny Glover went "Jesus Christ, I really am too old for this shit! "

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...or is it Lethal Weapon, again
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