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5 hours ago, Morganti said:

That Foley bump is some parkour shit.

Being somewhat spherical can have it's advantages. It's like one of those crazy machines with the oddly shaped wheels and/or gears that somehow rotate back to it's starting position.



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had to insert a gif because thee interWeb is wonderful sometimes
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I can just imagine Gordon and Brain out back sharing a flask then going into the meeting and ignoring everyone else best they can. Gene sneaks back with them every once in awhile depending on how bad the meeting is gonna be. "Guys, you know I try and be a company man, but this shit is ridiculous."

The photo itself looks like Gordon is sharing a really dirty story

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1 hour ago, Happ Hazzard said:

Who is the bald guy with a goatee to the left of Bischoff?

One of the DOA era Harris Twins I would imagine. Ok, since Austin stunned him that one time, the guy I didn't get could be Jarrett.

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