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Next up on that same show is Robert Duranton vs Gilbert LeDuc

This is a fun little Escape-From-A-Chinlock sequence and the sort of thing that I don't think is happening anywhere in the world right now (because most guys who could go this fast, and it's not like Duranton was particular fast relatively, would choose to do a lot more elaborate things instead of doubling down with a singular focus like this). I like how you can see Duranton basically call it at the start.


You want to really get heat? Take the trash that the crowd's thrown at you for the heat you already have and peg your opponent with it. That'll show them.


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18 hours ago, The Natural said:


1982, by far the best. Honourable mention to the New Generation logo and the scratch WWF Attitude.


17 hours ago, D.Z said:

I like the 80s, new gen and current logo. Never liked the scratch logo. More logos below



One to add to the list they've forgotten: the very first scratch logo -



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