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49 minutes ago, quackhell said:

It's fine Muta turned on Sting right after the picture was taken.

Not only that, it seems like they couldn't exactly get along during the photo op, either! Sting is grimacing and Muta ain't exactly smiling or laughing either. They were supposed to pose, Muta was all like "the fuck we are", tried misting Sting (you can see a green tongue and mist residue on his hands), Sting ducked and put him in a rear chinlock. The director was screaming to the photographer "Are you getting this? Tell me you are getting this, Goddammit!"

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I need to get this Bob Elandon/Albert Falaux vs Rene Caballec/Gilbert Puydebat match past me. Last two.

I love the physics on this.


And jetlag posted the last one on twitter so here it is.


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17 hours ago, D.Z said:


"He looks like H.R. Pufnstuf after a fiery car wreck!" - Tom Servo, Teenage Caveman

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