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The Shadow predicted Forbidden Door to be opened by KENTA...and now...

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On 2/25/2021 at 8:19 PM, Flair’s Shadow said:


What say you?


I say "SWEET BABY JESUS I'M BLIND." WTF is up with your formatting for this?

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On 2/25/2021 at 5:19 PM, Flair’s Shadow said:



Ok.....here it is........brace for impact!


CM Punk will be the 6th participant at the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match on March 7th.


I believe the deal has been in place for many months. Revolution 2021 was suppose to be held in Chicago.


This deal will give CM Punk a whole bucket of money but for only a part time role. 


CM Punk will enter and win the ladder match. 


CM Punk will describe his decision to join AEW on the following Wednesday night after PPV as a place he joined because, “he can come and go as he pleases”. 


CM Punk will be a heel...too good for any Wrestling Organization. He thought when he was young he could fight the establishment and win. Now he knows he was foolish...the same way Darby Allin is foolish now.


CM Punk will not face Darby Allin for TNT Championship until the next PPV. 


This will keep CM Punk in a major storyline without the need to get involved in lots of matches...ect..


Remember, CM Punk mentioned Darby Allin as 1 of the 5 names he would be interested in doing a program with in AEW.


I’m convinced....The Shadow knows....


CM Punk to AEW....at Revolution...wins ladder match.


What say you?



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Could I see them signing Punk? Of course, if he's interested they'd be stupid not to.

But they'd be almost as stupid to sign him and then make his debut be a secret on ppv. The point of signing a CM Punk is to sell more pay per views. If they announce Big Show but then were to have Punk unadvertised for a ppv... Granted, I know that's what they did with Mox, but it wasn't a match and they didn't have a TV show yet.

(Granted, I think having Show just debut on TV next week would've been better than tweeting it)

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19 hours ago, Flair’s Shadow said:

I’m just the stupid one here who actually is not embarrassed to put down what everyone else is thinking.

No that's not what everyone else is thinking 😂. I like you making wild fun predictions. That's what being a fan is about.

But if they sign a name as big as Punk and stuff him in a random ladder match for a shot at the midcard title, this company is doomed to fail. I personally don't think they would do that. I don't think anyone else, at least that posts here, thinks that either.

Sure I think it's possible they could sign Punk. But they would put him in a personal conflict vs Cody over being pissed off about disrespect, or they would have him immediately jump to front of the line and challenge Omega for a big first time ever dream match. They aint sticking him in a random ladder match where he plays second banana to 5 other midcarders. Punk proabaly wouldnt even come back to WWE without a guarantee of main eventing a lWrestlemania. You really think he's down to debut in the number two promotion in the middle of the card in a throw away ladder match?

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