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Still remember No Way Out 2001 as one of the best WWE PPVs, how bad Undertaker's ring gear was, an American Bad Ass version of his Ministry of Darkness attire:



Earl Hebner also fucked up the finishing three count in the main event between WWF Champion Kurt Angle and The Rock who was furious with Earl. Angle also dropped an F bomb in the match while Rock was in the Ankle Lock.

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That show is tremendous. One of many reasons to dislike Hebner, but the 3 stages (THE BEER CAN AT THE END!) and Rock/Angle are two of my favourite matches from WWF during that period. 

I hope AEW brings back three stages of hell under some other gimmick name. Really thought it would make sense for Omega/Moxley but I'm more than okay with where it ended up going. 👉🤪

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