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Doing some more thinking about the booking of the men's rumble and why I'm annoyed.. there are better ways to get to edge mania title match that don't involve the rumble... And like Matt D mentioned tie up the two major year long issues on the red brand.  But with Orton getting tossed off (thank you Dbry) by edge to win it seems to shut the book on that pairing. Especially with Orton and the fiends still rolling hard.

So that being said. I'm annoyed because WWE missed a chance to make am actual new star on mens side in favor of an old guy coming back.  Ali was right!

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Yeah it's super frustrating now that it's sinking in.

Edge winning the Rumble is cool for him but winning the Chamber would have been better. Imagine we have some qualifying matches for the Chamber but Edge doesn't get one. Or he loses to Orton.

He's a desperate man. He lost the Rumble. Didn't qualify for the Chamber. He might never get another chance.

So he attacks Kofi Kingston (who did qualify) right before the match, takes his place, then pins Orton to win the Chamber and go on to face Drew. This all seems very familiar...

Win or lose, Edge now has beef with Kofi (and Woods by extension) which could bring Christian out of retirement for a one off match at the post Mania PPV.

On SDL Bryan/Cesaro/Nakamura win the Rumble and we start the build to them trying to take down Roman.

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An oldest-youngest Rumble age breakdown cause why not?:


Kane - 53

Edge - 47

Christian - 47

Hurricane Helms - 46

Rey Mysterio - 46

Bobby Lashley - 44

A.J. Styles - 43

Jeff Hardy - 43

Sheamus - 43

Carlito - 41

John Morrison - 41

Shinsuke Nakamura - 40

Randy Orton - 40

Dolph Ziggler - 40

The Miz - 40

Cesaro - 40

Daniel Bryan - 39

Damian Priest - 38

Braun Strowman - 37

Sami Zayn - 36

Baron Corbin - 36

Matt Riddle - 35

Big E - 34

Mustafa Ali - 34

Seth Rollins - 34

Xavier Woods - 34

Elias - 33

Ricochet - 32

Otis - 29

Dominik Mysterio - 23


Edit: WTH let's not be sexist and do the distaff Rumble too:


Victoria - 49

Torrie Wilson - 45

Tamina - 43

Mickie James - 41

Shayna Baszler - 40

Jillian Hall - 40

Natalya - 38

Nia Jax - 36

Lana - 35

Charlotte Flair - 34

Alicia Fox - 34

Carmella - 33

Naomi - 33

Dakota Kai - 32

Santana Garrett - 32

Ember Moon - 32

Dana Brooke - 32

Bianca Belair - 31

Nikki Cross - 31

Bayley - 31

Billie Kay - 31

Lacey Evans - 30

Mandy Rose - 30

Ruby Riott - 30

Alexa Bliss - 29

Shotzi Blackheart - 28

Peyton Royce - 28

Liv Morgan - 26

Toni Storm - 25

Rhea Ripley - 24


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Women's tag titles match was generally fine aside from the bs with Ric & Lacey.

Drew/Goldberg was the short match it needed to be with the right person winning.

Sasha/Carmella was good once again.

Roman/Owens was solid though that handcuff segment towards the end was a dumbass move and failed miserably. Clearly they just need to use bolt cutters in these situations.

Women's Rumble was good. Billie Kay was MVP in the first half. Loved Victoria & Jillian getting the legends spots this year. Rhea looked great getting in the most eliminations. Loved Bianca winning and getting the Iron Woman spot. There was just a lot of solid moments in general that made time fly while being generally enjoyable. This probably is the best Women's Rumble yet.

Men's rumble was perfectly solid and enjoyable. Actually thought it had plenty of fun moments and Carlito was a neat surprise. Priest looked great. It also left me wanting to see various matches in Bryan/Riddle, Lashley/E, Lashley/Priest, etc. Christian was a wonderful surprise. Edge looked like he was about to cry tears of happiness seeing him return. The finish was generally solid as well. I was happy to see Orton trying to stay out for a sneak attack at the end fail so spectacularly. Only disappointment i had here was with the winner. Edge does not need this at all. Bryan with his story going in would have worked better. Hell, even Braun getting the spot would have worked better for me. I like Edge quite a bit, but I have no interest in seeing him in a main event match at Wrestlemania.

1 hour ago, Hagan said:

Bianca vs Sasha could be very special but uh, has Bianca ever had a great singles match? I know she hasn’t had the opportunities and she’s had fine matches and she’s athletic as Hell but this is a huge spot for someone who still is untested.

Bianca has had a decent amount of good matches. Before her title win with Shayna I had yet to see Rhea have a truly good-great singles match so I'm not super worried as Bianca showed way more at a slightly lower level. Sasha is also someone I think can help her towards that next level in the ring.

1 hour ago, Ziggy said:

I was really impressed by Santana Garrett, I almost forgot who she was because I don't watch NXT but she really impressed me. I'd like to see her Toni Storm and Rea on the main roster. 

Santana hasn't really done much in NXT at all. She tends to pop up every few months to eat a loss. 

39 minutes ago, Morganti said:

So that being said. I'm annoyed because WWE missed a chance to make am actual new star on mens side in favor of an old guy coming back.  Ali was right!

Who was the star they should have made tonight? I don't like Edge winning, but I don't think any of the younger or newer guys had any real momentum either. Still that is on WWE's shitty booking.

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When Booker was standing around in his GI Bro gear while Powerline from A Goofy Movie was performing I was kind of expecting him to have a surprise appearance in the Rumble. 

Christian looked to be in decent shape, but wasn't he done due to concussion issues? If he's capable of wrestling again then more power to him, but something tells me he sticks around long enough to catch a beating from drooling on himself "Psycho Orton".

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Edge & Orton immediately reminded me of the Austin/McMahon 99 Rumble (i.e. 1 & 2 take powders so as to go wire to wire) and I kinda want to watch those two back to back and see just how much else was similarly booked between the two.


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I kinda wanna see Reigns vs Edge. Spear vs spear. Reigns spending the build up taunting him that he probably has one spear left in his neck, and whether its worth shooting his shot. Would the other An Uso be ready to go for a E&C vs the Usos match at Fast lane?

Edge/McIntyre does nothing for me.

As a casual viewer, Priest seems super low rent to me. I dont get his character, he seems like a lesser version of Alasteir Black, who I really wasn't that keen on to begin with. Yet he probably came out of the match with the most shine.

Re: Omos, can you say a guy is *too* tall to feature, and that unless you're all in on trying to make money off the freak show appeal, its pointless to make the rest of your roster look less than larger than life trying to come up to his waist?

Women's Rumble was good. I was certain we were going to get a Naomi heel turn on Bianca. They had some great segments tonight and it'd be a fresh program.

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8 hours ago, Craig H said:

For $10 it wasn't a total waste, but I'm just going to cancel and re-subscribe for WM because I already know the TV, at least on the Raw side, is going to be garbage and there's nothing else to look forward to until WM. And even then, who knows what we'll get.

Do you have to resubscribe? Don't you have access to a Peacock account?

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