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24 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

Fun fact from a Yahoo article: the starting qbs in the NFC have an average age just shy of 37. The AFC four are about 24.5.

Today in Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

If you take the age of the NFC QBs who started the most games for each team it is only 31. So I really curious how they cooked the numbers to get to 37

(For the record, the most starts for each team were: Brady, Ryan, Rodgers, Cousins, Wilson, Stafford, Murray, Smith, Goff, Bridgewater, Jones, Brees, Wentz, Mullens, Dalton)

So with simple reasoning: Dak is younger than Dalton (5 years), Hurts is younger than Wentz (6 years), Jimmy G is older than Mullens (4 years), everyone is young than Alex Smith (we will use Taylor Heinicke's 27 - so 9 years). That is a net 16 years younger if you do those swaps

And that doesn't each touch on Hill for Brees.

Basically my point is Yahoo doesn't know how to do math.

EDIT - Nevermind, they meant the remaining playoff QBs. For that I blame Fowler

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