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Tenzan is X for the Giant Baba show, It was supposed to be Akiyama but he is injured.

Tiger Mask 2 will be revived and will replace Momota, the new Tiger Mask 2 is close to the second gen.

Tenryu will show up. Osamu will have a match.

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13 minutes ago, BrianS81177 said:

Isn't Zero 1 basically just Ohtani and Hartley Jackson by this point?

10 people.

Anyway there's Impact still going on with ROH and nobody watches those.



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NPH Hall of Fame

Talk show with the Hall of Fame (Tatsumi Fujinami, Riki Choshu, Genichiro Tenryu)
・ Question corner
・ Autograph session (* conditions apply)
・ 4-shot photo session (* conditions apply)
・ Goods sales

Tokyo Kitazawa Town Hall.

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One of my favourite 2020 wrestling moments. Kaze Ni Naire hits the speakers as Minoru Suzuki comes out smirking, takes his tracksuit off so he's in his ring year and attacks Jon Moxley. That too was one of my favourite matches of last year.

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After today’s AJPW show, we’ve got the following title matches (spoilers in case anyone wants to go in to today’s show blind;


AA: Zeus & Izanagi vs Irie & UTAMARO

TV: Ishikawa vs Kasai

Junior: Iwamoto vs CIMA

Tag: Kento & Yuma vs Sekimoto & Abby

TC: Suwama vs Kohei Sato

Also a Kento vs Abdullah Kobayashi singles in the future.

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The Tv title match will be deathmatch. AJPW isn't deathmatch promotion but special box office and the tv title can use those  kind of gimmick matches.

Yoshitatsu vows Super fighting spririt...Royal Road Strong Style, he Inoki slapped Rikidozan 3 and did the 1 2 3 da thing but in his own way.

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Dradition comes back this year to celebrate 30 years of Nagai.

We might get Suwama vs N.Ogawa at Sumo hall or somewhere. Not sure if this ties in to the Amazon Show or not.

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2 hours ago, The Natural said:

Togi Makabe's a good guy.


He's got all that Mont Blanc potato chip money to throw around, I guess

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