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NJPW Close to English-Language TV Deal

Johnny Rodz

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On 2/10/2021 at 4:40 AM, Pete said:

So they're starting with last year's WK?

Not a bad choice, in my opinion! I remember night 1 being completely wild from Mox vs Archer on. That match would be interesting to re-watch with the new context of having seen so much of both guys on AEW in the past year. Hiromu vs Ospreay was a really great spot-fest, and I might enjoy it more knowing that Hiromu makes it through 2020 without re-breaking his neck. I remember Naito selling his knee so well that I was legit worried that he was hurt. I remember being freaked out when Ibushi went into Terminator Mode vs Okada.

I don't remember much from night 2 other than both the Liger match and the main event hitting me right in the feels.

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