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Oh, It was definitely a hot mess complete with the protagonist having a berserk button when she discovers the real reason behind her miscarriages and the THE END~?? ending.  

The dialogue was so so so bad.  AND NOW IT IS TIME TO CUT OUT THE CANCER~!!  Ugh..

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I Know What You Did Last Summer

Note - it is a series on Amazon not just a movie

I have to start accepting that - especially when it comes to TV shows - more than likely I will know no one in the cast

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Got my October largely sorted


Halloween movies

    ◦    Suspiria
    ◦    Demons
    ◦    Demons 2
    ◦    Halloween
    ◦    Halloween 2
    ◦    House
    ◦    La Main du diable
    ◦    Eye of the Devil
    ◦    Haxan
    ◦    The Magician
    ◦    Tokaido Yatsuya Kaiden
    ◦    Fiend without a Face
    ◦    Les abysses
    ◦    Thelma
    ◦    The living Skeleton
    ◦    Goke Body Snatcher from Hell
    ◦    Messiah of Evil
    ◦    Castle of Blood
    ◦    Horror Express
    ◦    Raw
    ◦    Possessor
    ◦    Paper house 
    ◦    Sundown
    ◦    Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters 
    ◦    The Blood on Satan’s Claw
    ◦    Bride of Reanimator
    ◦    Deadbeat at Dawn
    ◦    Willard
    ◦    Burke & Hare
    ◦    Sudden Fear
    ◦    The Psychic
    ◦    Let the Corpses Tan

Combo of UHD discs and streaming.

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Good list!   I'd post a list but Creepshow will be 12 episodes strong this season so I may wait to binge one ep per night starting on 1 October so I only have to put together a short list of about 19 movies.

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My interest in movies as a whole has been way down, but I'm trying to get back into it with a plan for October. Just 10 movies, all 1970s horror, all first-time watches.


the wizard of gore (1970)
let's scare jessica to death (1971)
sisters (1972)
messiah of evil (1973)
it's alive (1974)
shivers (1975)
burnt offerings (1976)
demon seed (1977)
halloween (1978)
nosferatu the vampyre (1979)


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Signal and Underwater were pretty good, so I have faith that this will be decent.  I'm not upping Paramount+ just for one movie, though.  I can wait until they ship it to RedBox or something.

New season of Creepshow starts this Thursday on Shudder / AMC+, guys.

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I'm not quite sure where to put this so it'll go here


The lesbian friend I watched Elvira: Mistress of the Dark with (with my grandmother and her mother, no less, who said absolutely nothing about the tassels scene) as a child is probably very happy now, if she's still around. 

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Finally caught BOAR on AMC+ this morning and it is totally fucking great.  Nathan Jones sooo effectively carries the dramatic gravitas in the off moment scenes.  It is mind boggling.


The horrible CGI on the giant boar took some extra disbelief on my part but when it is fucking running over people like a homicidal SUV, all is quickly forgiven.

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