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Your 2021 Internet Match Thread

Noah Mark

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1 hour ago, D.Z said:

Kongo vs Sugi gun and Kazunari Murakami is back.


I see that Murakami finally got that job with the Yakuza since I last saw him. 3 trillion stars.

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That was everything I wanted and more. Murakami is SUPER HEEL! Nakajima does the smartest thing I've ever seen in puro and ducks a thrown elbow. The squat kid with the senton gets busted open and Sakurada plays "hide the fist" with the ref like this was a territory match. And it has a perfect finish. That was awesome.

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More Irie from this year.


Half juniors, half beefy guys match from NOAH!


Tajiri in the Mighty 2021.


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Inoue vs Fujta was really something else!

Purple Haze has to be one of my favourite factions of all time! A lot of Osaka Pro connections in that group. 


I didn't realize that Tigers Mask was Izanagi as well as Atsushi Maruyama! It's so cool to me that two of my old drinking party friends are tag champions together in a national promotion!




Irie and my boy Mihara used to team together as The Green Bears. I loved that team. I wish AJPW would bring Mihara and Black Buffalo in to join Purple Haze!



And... I don't think that Bull Armour Takuya is Kuma Arashi... but there is certainly a resemblance!



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