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Hurts was really struggling throwing the ball, but at least he provided something on the ground. That was dead embarrassing.

I get that the Eagles had nothing to play for, but, fuck, look at the Lions/Vikings game where both teams looked bound and determined to hurt their draft stock all day.

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7 hours ago, RIPPA said:

With the Browns making the playoffs, the current longest drought belongs to the Jets at 10 years

Then the next longest streak is only 5 years

That's gonna be a long 25 more years for the Jets.

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12 hours ago, Serious Darius Bagfelt said:

Playing well? 7-20 for 72yds is hardly well.  Best pass thrown tonight was by one of the receivers

His stat line wasn't setting the world on fire, but he was single handedly keeping them in the game.

11 hours ago, Serious Darius Bagfelt said:

Hey if the Eagles won they would have had the 9th pick in the draft.  With the loss they have number 6 I believe.  Moving up in the draft without making a trade.  Can't believe the misplaced outrage on what a losing team did in a nothing game to finish their season. 

Because tanking for draft picks is busch league Madden shit. This is the NFL the GOAL is to win. Jason Kelce, The Eagles' Center, had a recent rant about how winning is the only thing that matters in football. And that teams that worry about tanking and the draft and free agency over winning are consistantly a part of a losing culture.

Pederson is safe because he won the city their only Super Bowl ever. But if you look at his leadership since then, he's been a train wreck. Kept the wrong QB (Wentz instead of Foles). Gave Wentz big money. Had a lack of leadership that led to a QB controversy with Hurts now. Plus that micky mouse bullshit where he put in a practice squad player in a 3 point win-able game. I'm telling you now he lost the team. Kelce and Wentz sat on the field alone hours after the game ended last night. No doubt venting about what a piece of shit their coach is.

Look I said at the outset The Giants should have won more if they didn't want to be in this position. But your lack of understanding of professionalism and how tanking is offensive to both the players and fan bases is pretty tone-deaf. Also, Eagles could have went into the off season with positive momentum and really feeling good about Hurts had he pulled out another win to add to his resume. In actuality they literally have zero momentum and a coach who lost respect from his players.

But hey, three spots up in the draft certainly insures a Division Title next year 🙄

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