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NXT on USA - 11/11/2020

Dolfan in NYC

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I only caught the final match. I haven't watched any wrestling in a while so I missed out on Pat McAfee vs. Adam Cole. Pat McAfee RULES. What a great douchebag. He reminds me a little bit of the immortal "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert in being a player-manager. I also love Pete Dunne as just an absolute assassin. 

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The Gargano/Ruff segment/match was wonderful and legit surprising.

Escobar/Atlas was better with time, but still didn't draw me in a huge amount despite some nice stuff. Something about Atlas just does little for me despite thinking he does nothing particularly wrong.

Xia not being there for her match with Raquel was odd though Raquel beating the shit out of Boa for her time being wasted was pretty neat.

Toni & Candice took a while to draw me in, but it wasn't bad by the end. Still a decent step down from their previous matches with other people the past few weeks. the post match stuff with Shotzi 's attack & Indi's reveal were fine.

Lumis/Thatcher was fine. Enjoyed the post match attack from Grimes.

The Io/Rhea vid was good although I'm surprised their match is happening so soon. Not sure why they aren't waiting for the next Takeover or special tv event.

Breezango vs. 1-2 was good. Loved Drake coming out for vengeance, and the post match brawl was nice. Pat is a tremendous asshole in his role. 

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3 hours ago, nofuture said:

Can't imagine Io/Rhea not ending in some fuckfinish next week seeing as it's pretty random to have your biggest women's match on a random NXT episode.  Maybe setting up a women's War Games if that's the route they're taking with the next Takeover.

Are we getting War games this year? They haven't put it on the schedule as far as I'm aware yet it does feel like the current Kings of NXT vs. UE feud has to eventually end up there. Who would be in a women's version if it happened? 

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I totally called Ruff being the opponent last week, but would not have imagined he'd pull it off! Here's a Mikey Whipwreck for 2020's!

You can bet Gargano is back to hating wheels after this one, you flip-flopping bastard! The Priest-Gargano feud seems to have only begun.

I guess at least Xia and Bronson Reed have Covid, then? Who ever that was with Boa, that did not look like Chinese Government, so that's good. Boa reacted like he saw Lo Pan himself, so it can't be good. Raquel looked like a killer, however!

Escobar vs Atlas was good, but I was not buying Atlas winning, even with Ruff pulling off the super upset. Good, desisive win for Escobar, though!

I knew some shit was gonna go down, when Thatcher accidentally smashed Lumis' drawing. Finally, a big win for Timothy, even if Grimes had to interfere for it to happen.

Storm vs Candice was alright, and just before Candice's victory, I was thinking if Dakota Kai beat Ember Moon, then Candice can actually win this one, and she did. Nice to see Indi has recovered and I'm sure there's a tag match coming against Shotzi and Storm. Candice calling Storm a punk rock poser was pretty heelish, since I know getting your genres mixed up is really annoying! If someone would have called me an emo kid 15 years ago, whoo boy, I would have cried!

I take everything bad I've ever said about Pat McAfee back! Except that he's a douche, which he keeps proving more and more each week. But he does make a lot of sense and keeps good company!

Main tag was good, I too loved Maverick trying to get revenge! We need Drake vs Dunne NOW! And definitely Dain vs Dunne later! Can't wait. Dunne looks great, but when Lorcan and Burch look massive standing next to you, you know it's time to try and bulk back up a bit. Just do it slowly, to stay ripped. If you don't, they may change your nickname to "The Cruiserweight" and that would be a career suicide!

Good episode once again and yeah, I too, doubt Rhea-Io will have a clean finish next week!

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