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12 hours ago, The Natural said:

Beard Brock's back.

I love how every time Brock poses for a photo he looks like it's taking every ounce of his willpower to not kill and eat them. 

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15 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

Flair's boots were the inspiration for the New Foundation and High Energy.

And Sami Zayn's old tights.

It also wouldn't be the first time Flair was an inspiration for high energy...


One toke over the line! WOOO!

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10 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:


I'm not sure this is the baby Becky wants. 

You can't know that! ...But, I'd say the odds ARE in your favor.

...and I probably shouldn't say anything like "She's willing to have Rollins' baby, so there's really no telling WHAT she wants", but since we established that it was actually the mist, that wouldn't work anyway...

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I am way the fuck into The Butcher & The Blade, and I think that their ever-evolving weird look is a huge part of that. They really lean heavy on the visual presentation part of character, and I am fully onboard.

Butcher especially seems to understand what a fantastic pro wres look he has. The monocle on his duster, the skullet becoming more and more prominent. He's really embracing the weirdness.

Big ups to Pentagon's super dope motorcycle jacket as well. Is it burgundy? A weird pink? Whatever, it's fucking swank.

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