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NXT on USA - 10/21/2020

Dolfan in NYC

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Ember still feels a little off, but the match with Kamea wasn't bad. I like the more cocky and aggressive attitude she was bringing out.

Xia/Kacy was short and kind of nothing as a match. The post-match attack by Raquel was neat.

Drake going crazy and gettign himself and Dain disqualified was neat. I loved that Dain actually found some respect for him for just a minute.

Generally I dug all the little segments and vids building up to Halloween Havoc. 

Wasn't all there for the first half of the main event, but the second half was quite nice. not sure how I feel about 1-2 turning, but I do love that they are finally doing something with them and giving them the tag titles. They have deserved a run for a long time now. I'm curious if they were the original plan or not seeing that they brawled with Ridge, who Pat originally paid off. Not sure how I feel about more Pat McAfee even with the feud making sense. At the very least it led to this so I can't complain too much.

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7 hours ago, For Great Justice said:

Is it wrong that I think Pat McAfee is the for real best prospect in the WWE system? The dude is a natural. He’s K Fed if K Fed had legit pro sports athleticism. 

As someone who initially hated the idea of him being involved in any way, I don't think this is wrong at all. The dude just gets it. The Cole match was leagues better then it had any right to be, and there is clearly still legs to him being involved. Plus he is helping get more TV time to Lorcan and Burch, which is always a good thing.

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OK right, Thatch as Thatch can, a demonstration turns into a match and Anthony Green taps out to a Half Crab, while the ever attentive audience chants "Andrew, Andrew". Not even ten minutes later, Biff Busick puts a half crab on Johnny Curtis, and dancing man grabs a rope break really quickly. And the next thing the commentator says is "Some kind of stalemate here early on".

Consistency, lads. Consistency.

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Yes, he did a Thatch as Thatch Can live in the ring with Anthony Green. He got Green's name wrong (twice) as a heel move, and the fans started chanting Andrew in support of Anthony.

It was skippable. The best thing on the show, but skippable. But if you've already got it recorded and have a free eight minutes, give it a watch.

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So in what tasteless way does this Xia Li program go?

Deportation if she continues losing?

Continual hints at a more sinister end?

Mentioned this in last week's thread. 

Both options still in the running!

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Didn't get the chance to watch until now, but here we go:

Opener was crazy action all over the place from the word go! Huge win for Kushida. Ciampa and Velveteen Dirtbag will probably continue their issue from here on out.

Bobby Fish looks very much like my nephew's dad, with more groomed hair and facial hair, but still.

Has Jessi changed her gimmick/persona/character again since last time? It doesn't seem like it did her any good, because Ember is kicking her ass! Moon being aggressive on this one! Submission victory? That was new. I liked that she still busted out aerial stuff, but added the submission into her arsenal! Kai attack after the match likely leads to good stuff!

Just as I mention Fish, he gets jumped. It has to be Pat behind this, right?

It's now time for your weekly Passion of Theory, as Austin is likely to get his ass kicked once more! Reed won last time, let's see if Austin learned...no, he got squashed! Took it like a man, though, not whining about...no, he didn't and got squashed, again. And quits? Wow. Just like HHH when he was in the dog house, wait no, wrong again.

No...fucking...way! Xia Li IS facing Kacy tonight and probably going full heel on her. I hate her already, but I hate the Chinese Democracy...I mean whatever this angle is supposed to be, even more.

6-man was action packed as one would expect. Legado goons long tights remind me of El Matador, a little bit. I doubt it's on purpose. Man, Legado with a win this time, with Wilde getting the pin, no less. Good for him!

Garganos prepairing for their matches by spinning the practice wheel sure was a segment that happened.

Maverick & Dain's excellent adventure continues against Ever Rise... oh, man. Maverick snapped trying to save Dain and ...impresses him? Good!

The tag team match keeps changing. Let's see where this goes?

Well, there IS a sense of urgency in Xia's offence and that is good, at least. Kacy wins!!! Xia turns. Raquel kicks ass...wait what? I kinda want Raquel to beat Rippley next week, but I don't know if Rhea can suffer another loss?

Io's preparation was better: no matter what the match , I beat Candace! Excellent!

Grimes looked a bit scared, no matter what he said. He knows that a new season of Dexter is coming up.

Thatcher's method reminds me Kreese's Cobra Kai! Well, at least Andrew or was it Anthony showed some fire there for a second.

Main event time, could it be Burch and Lorcan's time? If this was the match they wanted, it sure was a convoluted way to get there! Is Breezango's gear a tribute to the Harts, color scheme-wise? All action here, but a weird dynamic with no clear heels, but 1-2 could sure go there any time they wanted! It's ON NOW! I KNEW IT! Pat MacAfee you douche! I knew it was you all along!

Good episode, but with the stacked weekly shows anyway, next week seems not so special, apart from the Halloween theme. I'll be there, though!

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On 10/23/2020 at 4:05 PM, Wyld Samurai said:

As someone who hasn't watched NXT since someone jumped Allister Black in the parking lot... is Matt Martel related to Rick? 

I assumed that was just a tribute, but I'm sure someone can tell you for sure. I haven't heard announcers point that out as a fact, or anything.

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