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4 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

Joe Burrow made 61(!) pass attempts today.   It's the most by a rookie since 2001.   

I didn't think the Cincy running game was that bad, but...  here we are. 

We’ll go from one extreme to the other since next Thursday in the battle of Florida Minshew will probably only throw 16 passes. 

For tonight I’m just glad Beckham finally showed up again. I forgot and left him in my lineup for Fantasy this week, but he got me 17.4 points so I can’t complain.

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Today seems like a nice time to remind myself that last year, the Packers did not hold a lead against the Lions for even a single second of game clock in either game.

I don't remember anything after the clock hit 0:00 in either game.

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7 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

Fuck this season already.   Here's a list of injured 49ers:  






Jimmy G was also shown limping a little bit.   Luckily the Jets pass rush is almost non existent 

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