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I like anagrams.

SETH ROLLINS = Stoner Shill

HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN = Hunky Hog, Hollow Load

KEN SHAMROCK = Shank Me Rock

DWAYNE JOHNSON = Owned Any Johns

MICK FOLEY = Lick My Foe

SHANE MCMAHON = He Sham Conman

CODY RHODES = Rod Shy Coed

KENNY OMEGA = Many Knee Go

TONY SCHIAVONE = 'Tis One Anchovy

DARBY ALLIN = Drily Banal

DUSTIN RHODES = Reddish Snout

CHARLOTTE FLAIR = Clitoral Father

ROMAN REIGNS = Moaners Grin

DEAN AMBROSE = Debase Roman / Semen Aboard

BRANDI RHODES = Ho Sired Brand

HIKARU SHIDA = Radish Haiku

TEDDY LONG = Oddly Gent

BUTCH REED = Beech Turd

OLE ANDERSON = A Olden Snore

BULL NAKANO = No Anal Bulk

HARLEY RACE = Rarely Ache

JIMMY SNUKA = Junky Maims

MATT HARDY = Thy Art Mad

SAMMY GUEVARA = Ravages Ya Mum

ALBERTO DEL RIO = Irate Bordello

THE BIG SHOW = Be With Hogs

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I made a Twitter account for these. I've got a bunch ready to post there so I won't spam the thread myself every time I think of new ones, but here's a few i'm especially proud of:

Stephanie McMahon = Champions Methane

Hunter Hearst Helmsley = Halt Her Ruthless Enemy

All Elite Wrestling = I Sell Elegant Twirl

Wrestling Observer Live = Loving Terrible Swerves

AEW Ratings = Teasing Raw


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