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NFL 2013: WEEK 9

Dolfan in NYC

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This has been an odd week. The four teams I actively cheer against in football were all playing each other. Vikings/Cowboys, Chargers/Skins. Typing those four names in succession makes me dry heave a little.


Obviously, best case scenario for the day would be for all four franchises to spontaneously, simultaneously declare themselves defunct, but that seemed pretty unlikely. That said, the Vikings and Chargers derping up sure wins in the most stereotypical Vikings and Chargers ways possible is a pretty great outcome. It was like a Greatest Hits package of the last 5 years.

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How the hell can you be in the NFL and not even be able to throw the ball 45 yards down the field with all the protection in the world?

When your other choices are Cassel and the corpse of Josh Freeman?



If there's one thing Freeman can do it's throw the ball far.



Seriously.  Give the guy a chance to show the one thing he can do quite well.

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