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Dolfan in NYC

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Still, that was a great run for them considering a lot of projections after the Russ trade had them near or right at the bottom. Their young guys got some valuable experience. Schroeder looked fantastic cutting to the basket and his outside shooting has come a long way. SGA is smooth on the offensive end though he was a bit of a wallflower in game 7 and his defense is atrocious. Dort is legitimately one of the best perimeter defenders I've seen in a long time with his quick feet and power. That he came on offensively in the biggest game of his career after being made to look a fool in game 5 is really promising. CP3 looked ten years younger with some of those crossovers tonight. He's got years left in him. And they have a tonne of picks from the trades. Impressive.

Rockets avoid most of the embarrassment and live another day. Props to Harden on that last block and cussing himself out on national TV.

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Breakdown for the SERIES:

Rockets FT attempts: 115
Rockets fouls committed: 161

OKC FT attempts: 168
OKC fouls committed: 120

+53 FT advantage to OKC
+41 foul disadvantage to Houston

Per game average:
Rockets commit 23 fouls per game, OKC shoots 24 FTs
OKC commits 17 fouls per game, Rockets shoot 16.4 FTs

NBA Officiating is the worst.

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