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I just got my ticket for the October 16th show at the ECW Arena. This will be my second time seeing New Japan live, counting the show with ROH @ MSG in 2019. Who am I most excited to see there? EL Phantasmo.

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On 9/11/2021 at 4:24 PM, alstein said:

Looking like Buddy Murphy is going to be part of NJPW and UE (probably their junior)  Ospreay leaked stuff on twitter strongly hinting at it.

He also threw around hints about Brown and Hero so its not clear if he is doing that to "hide" Buddy reveal or its all bunch of bulllshit and his partner is someone else entirely.

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You've probably already figured it out, but they've changed the schedule to Saturdays going forward (or Sunday mornings for me).  By the way, a tremendous episode.  Crowds for NJ Strong now officially exist going forward!  Lots of big names.  Brutality.  Enjoy!  

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If you feel like cherry-picking from the past 3 or 4 weeks, most of the matches were solid, but I would strongly recommend Coughlin vs. Ishii, Rosser vs. Narita, and Lawlor vs. Narita.  In particular, the last two matches, and if you only choose one, the last one.  

Lawlor-Narita was outstanding, and the less I say about it, the better. Just watch it if you can.  But, if you're curious...


Narita goes full Shibata in this match.  Almost literally.  It's something to behold.  The first clue of something different being afoot is the beard.  The slow build until the full realization by Lawlor, the announcers, and the audience as to what exactly is happening is amazing.  The look of exasperation after the match on Lawlor's face seemingly saying "what the fuck was THAT?!" was perfectly placed.

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Card is starting to come together for Battle in the Valley. I got a ringside seat, can’t wait. So far:

-Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii Never Openweight Championsip

-Moose vs Juice Robinson

Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay, Buddy Murphy, Tom Lawlor announced so far. 

Jeff Cobb is wrestling in ssf the night before so he’s on the show. Also figure Suzuki is here so he should be on the show. They haven’t been announced yet though. 

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So that’s 7 matches officially announced…no mention of Okada and Murphy who are supposed to be facing each other. Perhaps there’s one more match? If tanahashi defends the us title at this show? Otherwise that’s the full card. I hope tanahashi comes through, I was hoping for Suzuki and tanahashi matches to round it out. 

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6 hours ago, Archibald said:

Wasn't Shingo announced for this as well?

He wasn’t. Moxley, Ishii, white and lawlor were the top names announced at the start. Then aew switched the ppv date and Mox got pulled. They replaced his spot on the poster with ospreay, then they’ve announced Okada and Cobb. It’s gonna be a great show, but I’m still holding out hope that tanahashi defends the us title after his upcoming match with Kenta. 

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4 hours ago, matt925 said:



This fuckin jerk in front of me is hella blocking my view. Oh wait, there is no jerk in front of me. Because I'm ringside!!!!

I'm jealous, not just because you had fabulous seats, but also because the NJPW World feed was kinda wonky.  I reckon it may have been a FiteTV issue; bearable to watch, but somewhat disappointing.  Nevertheless, it was damn fun card that never seemed to drag.  

Ospreay-Narita was outstanding, and I might have to say that the 10-man tag was my second favorite because the crowd seemed to just eat it all up.  Like Resurgence, lots of newsworthy happenings and storyline stuff as well.  

I'm sure it was a blast to see it live.  Solid-looking venue, too.  

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