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Is Fenix the best worst wrestler on the planet? Or is it the worst best wrestler? Guy can hit the most ridiculous shit but he seems to mix up at least one spot per match in AEW and shit like the above is just rotten.

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13 hours ago, The Batboy said:


I love Steve Austin and Kurt Angle trying out do each other for Vince McMahon's affection. The booking mostly sucked in 2001 with the Invasion but match quality was very high.

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So many botches.  I’m dying every time I watch this.


I've seen this match a couple times over the years and never noticed until today that Sherri botched the briefcase shot at the end.  She's supposed to hit the turnbuckle when Debra ducks, then have the briefcase recoil back and smack her in the face.  Instead, she grazed the turbuckle, hit Debra on the way down, and sold the briefcase even though it came nowhere near hitting her. 

Vince would have a stroke if this was on his show.  They botch a spot pretty much every time they touch the briefcase.

I do wonder if Sherri was supposed to clock Mongo, or if he was going to no-sell the shot anyway.

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