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NXT on USA - 7/15/2020

Dolfan in NYC

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5 minutes ago, Andy in Kansas said:

Should have brought back Bash at the Beach to counter-program. 

Cody owns the Bash At The Beach trademark and Dynamite already ran a Bash At The Beach episode.

I think Capital Combat The Return Of Robocop is available tho. Let's burn through every WCW name during the quarantine era lol.

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I enjoyed the opening with Keith, but I have so little interest in another Lee/Dijiakovic match that I pretty much ignored that one later on. I am kind of looking forward though to Dijakovic/Kross.

Skipped Grimes/Priest as well.

Dug Shotzi/Indi. Indi wouldn't be a bad addition to the Robert Stone Brand. The later segment with Stone & Dain was fun.

Dug the newbie getting to look decent against Thatcher. It feels weird though thinking about how many guys WWE has running around who are so submission/mma/amateur wrestling based. I don't want brawl for all per say, but it would be nice to see a tournament run with some of these guys focused on those styles.

Io/Nox was solid if a little long, but I'm also not super into Nox. I am however so looking forward to Dakota/Io and hopefully Raquel/Io beforehand.

The lack of UE was interesting. Hopefully it means they debut on Raw post Extreme Rules or something. Now is probably the best time to test them on the main roster.

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