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2022 FIFA كأس العالم (WORLD CUP 2022)


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That 90 second period or so where Germany and Spain were both going home was pretty fucking electric. What a batshit collection of group finales and we still have one more day of them...

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Japan/Croatia and Morocco/Spain in the next round. I'm sure the Ceuta watch party will be lots of fun for Morocco/Spain.

Barring some goal explosion tomorrow, Portugal lands on the England/Senegal/France/Poland/Morocco/Spain side of the bracket while Brazil is on the America/Netherlands/Argentina/Australia/Japan/Croatia side.

Brazil/Japan would be a fun match in a week.

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Now Moriyasu can truly put 1993 behind him:



It took almost 30 years for Japan head coach Hajime Moriyasu to exorcise the demons that have caused him heartbreak at the World Cup. 

The Samurai Blue’s stirring come-from-behind 2-1 win over Germany in Japan’s opening Group E match stood in sharp contrast to the misery that has befallen Moriyasu at the sport’s biggest event. 

The seeds were planted on Oct. 28, 1993, when Moriyasu was on the pitch in Doha, representing Japan. It was the final match of the Asian Qualifiers for the 1994 World Cup in the United States.

Japan led Iraq 2-1.

But in additional time, Iraq scored a tying goal with a header, dashing Japan’s long-standing dream to qualify for the World Cup.

Moriyasu, nicknamed “Poichi,” was a starting midfielder.


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10 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

The best national anthem in all of the World Cup is close to advancing provided that South Korea doesn’t do something (I have no idea who has the tiebreaker between SK and Uruguay)



Uruguay: Must win, and will finish second if South Korea draw/lose.

If both Uruguay and South Korea win:
- Portugal win the group with six points, Uruguay and South Korea both have four points;
-- If both games are won by the same margin, South Korea finish second on goal difference
-- If Uruguay win by a greater margin of one goal (so 2-0 and 1-0), second place is decided on goals scored
--- If goals scored are level (so 1-0 and 3-1), second place is decided on fair play (yellow and red cards.); If that's level, it's a random draw.
-- If Uruguay win by a greater margin of two or more goals (so 3-0 and 1-0), Uruguay finish second on goal difference


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So there’ll likely be a knockout round pair of Brazil/South Korea and Croatia/Japan where if Japan advances, either matchup will be interesting for different reasons.

Then again Croatia did go to the final last time so don’t count them out.

I think Brazil would have to lose and Switzerland would need to win by 3 goals to not have Brazil playing South Korea next week.

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1 hour ago, odessasteps said:

Was waiting for those Uruguayan guys to just mug those refs after the game.

Not sure who that sub is, but he's definitely going to get a letter from FIFA about that shove. 

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