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I don't know what's worse.  Seeing RF with Bieber or DZ back to his old ways.  I'll just call it a tie.

And I honestly thought that was Sammy at first with RF  but he's taller.

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10 minutes ago, Jiji said:

That RF pic looks like a photoshop.

Apon further review, it has to be.  RF was persona non-grata by 03-ish, no one knew who the fuck Beiber was until 07.

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7 hours ago, clintthecrippler said:

Chicago Film Archives posted a new match today from 1951, and Al Williams may now be in my Top 10 of most old-timey looking WRESTLER dudes ever. No way in hell would I mess with someone that was rocking gorgeously ornate chest tattoos in frigging 1951.


I'm pretty sure this is Ninja from Die Antwoord

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