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(timestamped) The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose) w/ Norvell Austin vs. Rick(y) Morton & Eddie Gilbert

This actually belongs in both this thread and the Cutting A Fucking Promo thread. This features a young Eddie Gilbert who is willing to get color for any reason and also walking heat machine Norvell Austin getting into an awesome screaming match with racist Tommy Gilbert, who I think calls Norvell a "black **something inaudible**". Norvell doesn't fold though and just runs down Tommy's son and pisses Tommy off even more. Then the cherry on top is Norvell Austin screaming, "AIN'T NOBODY BAD LIKE US! AIN'T NOBODY BAD LIKE US!" and blowing his whistle. Finally, accidental visionary Randy Rose chimes in with, "BLOOD AND GUTS, BABY! BLOOD AND GUTS!".

You goddamn right, Randy.

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On 10/13/2022 at 11:33 PM, John E. Dynamite said:

One second into the match Mad Dog Conelly shoots a completely believable single leg and I was in. The key here was the urgency. They're either preening/appealing or trying to win, there's no akward gristle between those states. The real-quick Necro chairpunch brawl. Demanding, not asking, for a chair shower. And the occasional technical stuff being so competent as to suggest that either dude could win with a suplex or a guillotine or whatever. I have misgivings about the finish (was that supposed to be a joshi tribute or a Memphis tribute) and there's no good way to electrify a nipple if you're not gonna actually electrify a nipple (so don't). But boy oh boy that was a choice two-rows-of-fans indie bloodbath. And you get the idea that they've got a lot more matches like this in them.

I read that as "no awkward gristle between those steaks" because hot damn, what a metaphor that would be.

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7 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

Had to rip this myself:

The Bloody vs. Yoshiko Tamura (NEO St. Battle Day 2004 Part 1 09/20/2004)

Yoshiko Tamura does her best impression of Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13. Like a goddamn crime scene.

The match is also excellent.

Yoshiko Tamura was so fucking awesome.

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