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Hey, speaking of Kasai: here he is bleeding BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS. And it's Winger! I haven't seen him in like forever. He gets bonus points for the legit streetfight outfit.

EDIT: Oh shit! Extra double super bonus points for the guy in the front row, middle of hard cam wearing a freakin' Abigail T-shirt



EDIT II: Super-dee duper bonus points for Takashi Okano busting out a Magistral cradle in a death match

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Didn't even notice that. Abigail are pretty good, their early stuff is way different then their later "street metal" stuff that is closer to their side band Barbatos. Fun bit of trivia, when they played the States they got together with a bunch of metallers from the Nuclear War Now! Records forum and let the Americans write song lyrics which is how the Barbatos song "Dick Is Fucking Big" came about 😆

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14 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

Not only do I not remember this but I don't think I've watched a Kansai match since... well, when I may have originally saw this. 

And of course Baker/Rosa is going here ASAP

Man, it really doesn't pay to have someone else gig you.  And Die Hard Kansai is the greatest name of a wrestling move ever.

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