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Impact Wrestling - 6/2/20

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Fun matches here. Loved the women's tag, Kiera & Tasha are awesome together. I like Chase Stevens and hope he gets used more. Rascalz vs TJP & Fallah was good. Didn't really get the point of the main event substitution but good stuff anyways from Ace/Wentz. Johnny Swinger was hilarious on Locker Room Talk, that was great. Epic closing video teaser for Slammiversary! 


*Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz def. Kylie Rae & Susie (7:57) when Kiera pinned Susie

*Joseph P. Ryan (w/ Dave & Jake Crist) def. Crazzy Steve (3:50) after a superkick. After the match, Ryan invited Jake to join Cancel Culture and had Jake prove himself by laying out Dave with a roundhouse kick.

*Rohit Raju def. Chase Stevens (5:51) after a diving double foot stomp. After the match, Rhino showed up and hit Raju with the Gore.

*The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) def. TJP & Fallah Bahh (12:42) when Dez pinned TJP to become #1 contenders to the tag team titles. 

*Michael Elgin came to the ring and said he's been the rightful world champion for over a year and blamed Sami Callihan's distraction for his loss last week. Ken Shamrock interrupted and brawled with Elgin. 

*Ace Austin vs. Trey was up for the #1 contenders tournament final but Trey was found laid out backstage. Ace wanted to be declared the winner by forfeit but Wentz came out, accusing Ace of taking out Trey. Scott D'Amore came out and announced that Wentz would take Trey's place in the final. 

*Ace Austin def. Zachary Wentz (25:53) after the Fold to win the #1 contenders tournament.

*A video aired showing someone in a hood watching a news report about 20 wrestlers being released from their contracts. Clips were shown of Eric Young, The Bulgarian Flag, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Mike Bennett & Maria, Rockstar Spud, EC3, & Curt Hawkins. The video ends advertising Slammiversary on July 18th.

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Due to Laptop issues missed the Women's tag match that I was looking forward to. I will need to try to find it online. Rascalz vs. TJP/Baah was my MOTN. 

Looks like next week we get Grace & Taya returning to face each other & it sounded like Deonna debuts. 

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Great little teaser there. The hoodie makes me think it's EC3, but I could see a few of the teased names ending up in IMPACT. Also, July 18 is a Saturday. I don't think TNA/IMPACT have ever done a PPV on a Saturday before. Interesting to see them finally doing so.

I love Swinger. I can't help but smile when he's talking. The Finesse and Bench Press Express! Brother. Brother? Brother!

Rascalz vs. TJP/Fallah and the main event were pretty fun matches.

I'm liking the Deonna videos too. Really looking forward to her debut next week.

Overall, a pretty good show. IMPACT continues to be a very enjoyable show week in and week out.

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14 hours ago, BrianS81177 said:

Was Taya wearing super tall heels or are Grace and Jacobs just that much shorter than her?

Glad I wasn't the only one who thought about that. If you believe the internet, Grace is 5'3, Jimmy is 5'7 and Taya is 5'8 so Taya wearing heels and towering over them kinda makes sense. 

Was Trey hurt during the tapings? I can't see why they'd sub in Wentz like that unless they're that high on protecting him. The early stooging in their match with TJP and Baah was great. 

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Move over Joey Ryan & Candace, I think Su & Kylie might be the new “Worlds Cutest Tag Team”.  They are straight out of the Candy Racing world from Wreck it Ralph.

Speaking of Joey, I kind of dig his current Impact gimmick.  I’m a Crazy Steve apologist, it’s the kind of gimmick that’s on every indie show but Steve carries it well and is fun to watch. Decent match and post match with Joey & The Crists. Jake Crist is the greatest lackey in wrestling,

Chase Stevens looks like he just stepped out of a time machine, 

Also out of a time machine, I still love Jonny Swinger’s schtick.

TJP & Fallah v The Rascalz was great. 4 of the best in-ring guys they have.

Deonna Purazzo looks like a star already and completely different from any other woman they have on the roster. Her presentation compared to say Tenille’s Impact debut promo is night and day.  Excited to watch her in Impact.

Wentz v Ace Austin was good. I feel like Ace Austin would be better served by having a better haircut.  He’s great in the ring but doesn’t scream “star” to me and I think it’s down to his crazy purple hair.  

An enjoyable Impct and for the first time since Co-vid that’s me up to date with it!

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