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You can tell Steph recorded that recently since she didn't mention Shane.  Almost sounds like they had her record that this morning and rushed it onto the trailer.  Mode sounds interesting though.  Actually the more I find out about the game the more I find there's a little bit of interest.  But Peacock aside (use it for other things anyway) I try to not buy anything WWE-related.  I'll wait and see how reviews play out plus what y'all think of it here to see what I'll do.

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The grappling start animations still look goofy and not-human, but its hard to get around that in wrestling games with a grappling method like most games have. I'm going to get this one as its been a few years and I don't think they'd release another busted game like last time, I just hope its good for casual fun which is all I really look for. I don't go into GM mode or Sim, just give me amusing five to ten minute matches that aren't broken and something resembling a storyline and I'm content.

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It’s a decent enough system, in theory, but a lack of depth creates some strange results. For instance, on one of my shows, I matched up WALTER and Tyler Bate, a pairing we’ve seen several times in WWE, usually to almost-5-star results. WWE 2K22 gave the match a 2-star “disappointing” rating because WALTER and Bate weren’t popular enough and apparently didn’t match up right. Meanwhile, my AI opponent would run the Viking Raiders’ Ivar vs. Akira Tozawa on seemingly every show – a match not a single real-world person would care about – to rave reviews. Don’t get me wrong, MyGM is perfectly functional. The mode’s menus are well laid out and I’m sure I’d do better once I got a better sense of the underlying mechanics. That said, I can’t deny it was frustrating to be consistently punished for booking actually good wrestling shows in the “book good wrestling shows” mode.

Fascinated by how bad this sounds, though I guess this sort of jank was what GM mode was always like and everyone asking for it back is a total monkey's paw situation anyway

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5 hours ago, Gonzo said:

Does it give me the ability to just yell "WARRRRRRRRRRRR GAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES?!"

Because if so, I'm in.

He yells War Games, but because that match mode isn't in the game, and MyGM only allows single or tag matches, that's all you'll get.

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