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Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson Appreciation.

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Bryan Danielson, the Greatest Wrestler of All Time in All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is red hot. Refreshing seeing a promotion like that which values their customers and doesn't belittle them like WWE does.

Great theme from the opening Ride of the Valkyries to including "You're gonna get your fucking head kicked in". Never expected that addition.

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Daniel Bryan's last WWE match vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship on Smackdown Live, 30th April 2021.


Bryan Danielson's first AEW match vs. Kenny Omega on AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, 22nd September 2021.

Bryan Danielson's post on the Eve of his first AEW match:

What a class act.

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In a move that may either actually be pretty heart-warming, OR cynical as all F, Danielson doing the Yes! pose in opening montage of WWE programming has been replaced by Connor the Crusher doing the same! Either way, ain't no one got the balls to complain about that swap!

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2 hours ago, The Natural said:


The dream match between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega lived up to the pressure put upon them. What a fucking match. The best in AEW history. *****.

Being there in person was incredible, they tore the roof of the joint.

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Updated top 20 of Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan. Might expand it to 30 or possibly 40 because there's so many great matches of his. What a back catalogue! 

20. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz. WWE SummerSlam 2018. ****1/2.

19. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. WWE RAW, 24th June 2013. ****1/2.

18. Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar. WWE Survivor Series 2018. ****1/2.

17. Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. WWE WrestleMania XXX. ****1/2.

16. Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane vs. Sheamus vs. Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sin Cara. WWE Money in the Bank 2011. ****1/2.

15. Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk. WWE Over The Limit 2012. ****1/2.

14. Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong. ROH Vendetta 2005. ****1/2.

13. AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan. WWE Smackdown Live, 6th June 2020. ****3/4. My 2020 WWE MOTY.

12. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan. WWE Smackdown Live, 30th April 2021. ****3/4.

11. The New Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy. WWE Elimination Chamber 2019. ****3/4.

10. Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro. WWE RAW, 22nd July 2013. ****3/4.

9. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. WWE Extreme Rules 2012. ****3/4.

8. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista. WWE WrestleMania XXX. *****.

7. Daniel Bryan/Kane/Ryback vs. Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns. WWE TLC 2012. *****.

6. Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA. ROH Glory by Honor V: Night Two, 2006. *****.

5. Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima. ROH Manhattan Mayhem II 2007. *****. My worldwide 2007 MOTY.

4. Bryan Danielson/Samoa Joe/Adam Peace/BJ Whitmer/Homicide vs. Chris Hero/Claudio Castagnoli/Necro Butcher/Eddie Kingston/Nate Webb. ROH Death Before Dishonor IV. *****. My worldwide MOTY for 2006.

3.The New Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles. WWE TLC 2019. *****.

2. Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega. AEW Dynamite, 22nd September 2021. *****. My current 2021 MOTY.

1. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena. WWE SummerSlam 2013. *****. My worldwide 2013 MOTY.

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After watching Bryan Danielson's first match for AEW it's really got me thinking about what a vast and varied body of work he's had going back over 20 years now. I used to have all the ROH DVD's including his stuff right from the beginning of the promotion, matches against Chad Collyer and Donovan Morgan as well as the more highlighted stuff like the first main event with Daniels and Low-KI the 2005-2006 title run which included loads of fun stuff we don't see talked about too much any more - like the match vs Rocky Romero from Steel Cage Warfare or vs SUWA from Anarchy in the UK (which I was at), and right up until he left in 2009 with matches against Morishima, KENTA and new talent like Tyler Black, and I'm gutted a lot of that no longer seems to be readily available. And there's tons of other material as well including his early Japan stuff, visits to England wearing a mask as American Dragon, NOAH, DG-USA, PWG, WXW, Chikara, FIP and Evolve. And that's not even taking into account his WWE stuff. While I don't think they are really the thing now, I would love to see an excellent, in-depth compilation of his career so far, like the sort of dozens of DVD sets we used to get from Goodhelmet for Regal/Finlay etc - I would certainly buy it!

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I had Bryan Danielson as the Greatest Wrestler of All Time when he had to retire in February 2016 and he's added to that billing since getting cleared to wrestle again in March 2018. Since then:

  • Only Bryan Danielson could be a beloved babyface and hated heel as The New Daniel Bryan in WWE.
  • The New Daniel Bryan pushes his ROH World Championship run from September 2005-December 2006 as my favourite period of Danielson's career. The matches as The New Daniel Bryan and the promos chastising consumerism and gluttony.
  • The matches:
  • vs. Brock Lesnar. Survivor Series 2018.
  • A ***** match with AJ Styles. TLC 2018.
  • The Elimination Chamber match he started and retained the WWE Championship vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy at Elimination Chamber 2019.
  • vs. Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania XXXV.
  • vs. The Fiend at Survivor Series 2019 and Royal Rumble 2020.
  • vs. AJ Styles in the finals of the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament on Smackdown Live, 13th June 2020. My 2020 WWE MOTY.
  • Daniel Bryan's last WWE match against Roman Reigns on Smackdown Live, 30th April 2021.
  • The best match in AEW history vs. Kenny Omega at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, 22nd September 2021. *****. My 2021 MOTY by far.
  • vs. Nick Jackson on AEW Rampage, 1st October 2021.
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