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(Also Not March Madness): SECRET SANTO March 2020

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On 11/27/2020 at 2:55 PM, Octopus said:

Went back to check some of the ones you picked and your first two were a Mid South Dog Collar Match I’ve never seen and Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan which was phenomenal. Nah, your picks were great!

Thank you kindly. I think I have a good one so I have at least week one. But we'll see after that. If anything I'll make sure to do better research before picking so I don't pick something like the lesser Taker/Show match. So I guess I'm in. 

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I'm firmly in the camp of sharing bad but fun wrestling that you enjoyed and fits in with your partners request is better than tryna find that high quality shit you think they are actually looking for.


One of the things i liked about this is it expands my awareness of stuff i might not seek out.


If there is a odd number, I'll round it off 🙂

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