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On 3/3/2020 at 11:13 AM, olythegreat89 said:


Didn't want to mess with these guys on the streets or the dance floor in the 80s.

They actually still fit as of a few years ago.




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Alex's Zaxby's Shitshow. For me. Don't know what a Zaxby's is, but it contains my username so it must be alright.

Someone actually did get Barbed Wire Battle Royal, which is one match stip I don't think anyone has been crazy enough to book yet.

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Mine's Extreme All-Inclusive Warfare.  That would be one helluva interesting show.  Then again my wife's is Zaxby's All-Inclusive Shitshow and that just sounds like a ton of fun.

EDIT:  Misinterpreted this so please see two posts below this.

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