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NJPW The New Beginning 2020 *contains Wrestle Kingdom 14 SPOILERS*

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Man, I was just looking at Rev Pro’s sorry state of affairs:  If Ospreay wins the belt tonight, he’ll be the first non-Japanese wrestler not named Zack Sabre Jr. to hold the title since...AJ Styles all the way back in 2015.  What a stale-ass promotion.

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On 2/2/2020 at 2:42 PM, dokdoyle said:

Are we getting video of the USA shows on NJPWWorld? seems weird to 

  Hide contents

Have G.O.D Win the tag belts

on a show that wont be seen anywhere

They put GOD winning the titles on NJPW World. I'm thinking that the full, edited shows will be up this weekend. 

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Suzuki: Do you, though? Look at what makes a great wrestler. Tall, muscular, can kick, can throw hands, can suplex people, can tap them out, can fly, is charismatic. Get all that together and you have a cleanup hitter. That’s the kind of guy that makes hacks like you, or the fans in the crowd give them the nod.

–Right. The total package.

Suzuki: But make an all star team of guys like that, and they’re the most boring team in the league. These days, you can make your own characters in the videogames, right?

–Yes, they have edit modes. 

Suzuki: So some kid with their video game goes and makes their dream promotion, and it’s full of those aces right? But a baseball team that’s full of cleanup hitters won’t go anywhere. It’s the same for wrestling promotions. 

Tell us how you really feel about the competition Mr. Suzuki

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In less than an hour, I'll be on the train to Osaka. I am very stoked for this show. Every match has something I can hang my hat on:


- The opener is Manabu Nakanishi's last match in Osaka. I've always loved Nakanishi. I am proud to say that I got to see him wrestle in Osaka, where he is hugely popular, when he was IWGP champ. I bet he will get an emotional goodbye from the Osaka Jo crowd today. 

- The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match... is a championship match.

- The Eight-man tag team match is a chance to see Tanahashi live again. Plus it has the mystery element of whether Ibushi has sufficiently recovered from Mallory-Weiss Syndrome to participate in the match. Plus story-line stuff about the tag championship. 

- Chaos vs. Suzuki-gun is a chance to see Okada live again, as well as a chance to see a bit of a re-run of Ospreay vs ZSJ.

- Jay White vs Sanada is likely to be pretty good, and it's a chance to see an upper-card singles match outside of the G1 or the New Japan Cup. Booking wise, it could go either way.

- Hiromu vs Lee has show-stealing potential, and it will be my first time seeing a big Hiromu singles match live and in person.

- Mox vs MiSu could be great. One of those matches where, years down the road, I will be ale to say, "I was there live for that one" and people will be all, "Lucky you!" (That might also be true of the Hiromu match). At the very least, some ass is going to get kicked.

- And, I get to see Naito's first-ever defense of the double titles.

Lucky me!

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Man that Suicidal jacket is a step down for Hiromu. Excel and No Mercy, okay, but Uncle Slam? C'mon dude. I do dig "All I Wanted Was A Pepsi" in ST writing on the back though. What I watched of the main was slow but violent. KENTA will still paste you hard as ever. 

Watched all of Suzuki/Moxley and it was... okay. Some goofiness, the armwork was blown off but it was a hell of a lariat that blew it off. Needed the blood that only showed up at the end of the night, if Suzuki used the opportunity to chew on Mox's eye I think this would have been much more fun. MiSu is still a complete nutter though and the smile and his reaction after going through the table was just batshit. 

I was in and out on Hiromu/Lee like the main. Seemed like another big dose of overkill, and the chopfest seriously was. It's fun watching these every once in awhile though because FUCK was it stiff. I think Lee hits harder than Mr. Kamaitachi. 

EDIT: I just found out that all of the bands on Hiromu's jackets are Venice Beach bands so points for the thematic unity. He should have had his tailor/artist pick a better scene. A Boston Crew or -- goddamn it -- Texas hardcore based jacket would rule. He could have had the cover of Dicks' Kill from the Heart on the back! I'd have even taken a straight up UK '82 theme as long as there was enough Discharge repping. Listening to halfassed crossover and thrash is no way to go through life, son. 

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