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If you've followed the news over the past  few weeks, there's been horrific wildfires down there, and it's just the beginning of the bushfire season.  

So, I'm setting  up this thread just as a way to put up places where you can donate to help with the relief efforts (if you are able to):

Go to fundraise.redcross.org.au/ to donate to Australian Red Cross' Disaster Relief and Recovery.

Go to wires.org.au to donate to WIRES, an organization committed to helping the wildlife in Australia.

Go to the NSW Rural Fire Service at: https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/volunteer/support-your-local-brigade   


If you have any other suggestions feel free to put them up.  

If you're down there, stay safe. We're all pulling for you. 

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I live about 90 minutes from the main bushfire zone. 

Rained all of Monday, last two days have been somewhat cold/huge drop from the usual 35-40 degrees at this time of year.

Cue every tinfoil hatter deciding that this isn't such a big deal and part of the green agenda or whatever. If anything, it's made conditions worse - too muddy for firetrucks to get through certain areas, and not hot enough for fires to backburn.

Drove to my boss's house yesterday as trains out my way are cancelled over holidays. Couldn't believe how smoky it was. Our area isn't great, you can still see it/we don't let our cat outside as he comes back in smelling like he's just gone through 2 packs before lunch. 30 minutes closer to the fire, and you couldn't see shit past maybe 20 metres away.

Great choices for donation targets too.

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