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1 hour ago, Thomas Bugg said:

How does everyone here watch NOAH or All-Japan? I know that AJPW has a streaming service, but is it worth the money? What about XWT? 

For AJPWTV, you get most shows from every tour. I’ve almost never had a problem with streaming. There isn’t an extensive back catalogue, though.

If you’re interested, I’d try it during April so you can watch the Champion Carnival and see if it’s worthwhile for you afterward. 

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In addition to NJPW closing shows, DDT is closing shows from the 28th to the 8th. I think they are giving people some free shows on their network but I'm not sure.

On the other hand, Real Japan announced a show for March 19th because they are confident that if the corona virus came Kazuyuki Fujita and Daisuke Sekimoto can beat it up, make it cry and run away.



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AJPW announced the blocks for the Champion Carnival:

Block A:

Kento Miyahara
Shuji Ishikawa
Yuma Aoyagi
Joel Redman
Shigehiro Irie
Takashi Sugiura

Champion Carnival Block B:

Jake Lee
Ryouji Sai
Gianni Valletta
Hideyoshi Kamitani
Ayato Yoshida
Lucas Steel
Davey Boy Smith Jr.
X (to be announced)


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