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On 8/13/2021 at 5:01 PM, DreamBroken said:

Current card for NWA EmPowerrr and Final card for NWA 73:


NWA EmPowerrr (August 28)

Tootie Lynn vs. Jamie Senegal (w/ Pollo Del Mar) vs. Chelsea Green vs. Lady Frost vs. Debbie Malenko vs. Bianca Carelli vs. Jennacide (w/ Taryn Terrell) vs. Masha Slamovich vs. Thunderkitty vs. Kiera Hogan

Kamille(c) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Deonna Purrazzo(c) vs. Melina

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) vs. Hell on Heels (Sahara 7 & Renee Michelle) 
Red Velvet & KiLynn King vs, The Freebabes (Miranda Gordy, Hayley J, and Jazzy Yang)
+ Finals.

Diamante vs. Kylie Rae vs. Chik Tormenta


NWA 73rd Anniversary Show (August 29)

Nick Aldis(c) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Chris Adonis(c) vs. James Storm

Aron Stevens & Kratos(c) vs. La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450)

Winner of Kamille/Leyla vs. Winner of Invitational Gauntlet

Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae

Thom Latimer vs. Tim Storm vs. Crimson

Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, & The Masked Man vs. The Pope & The End (Odinson & Parrow)

12 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contendership to the NWA National Championship

Ric Flair to appear.



Tim Storm went from their world champion to slumming it against two woman-beating sacks of crap. I feel bad for him. The only one on that roster I feel bad for, honestly.

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Really enjoyed Empowerrr.

Melina/Deonna was my match of the night. Melina has always sold her ass off. 

The Freebabes need to be heeling it up on my tv on the regular.

The AEW women all looked great and represented their promotion well. 

Cool moment with Kong and Gail.

Very cool to see Marti Belle get a big moment.

And I'm interested in seeing how Chelsea does against Camille who had a far more competitive match against Layla than I expected. 

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That was a damn good night of pro wrestling. Big props to Mickie James & crew for pulling it off. I thought everyone had a shine on the night- with Marti Belle being a highlight. 

Kamille just has that young Lex Luger vibe. She's a little stiff still, but my pocket dynamite of Leyla Hirsch really brought the goods to make a damn fine championship match.

Melina vs Purrazzo was the best of the show... But i do have to say i found it hard to tell the two apart because their outfits and hair were so incredibly similar! I kept thinking "Vince would have a fit at this". 

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2 minutes ago, Wyld Samurai said:


Kamille just has that young Lex Luger vibe. She's a little stiff still, but my pocket dynamite of Leyla Hirsch really brought the goods to make a damn fine championship match.



Luger is a good comparison. I'm curious to see her continued evolution. She's surrounded by some good talent.

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Empowerrr was pretty good top to bottom! 

The Melina/Deonna match was really good, and I was surprised at how competitive the Kamille/Legit match ended up. Leyla really looked like a star in this one. 

The tag final was good as well. It is always a delight to watch Kilynn King, and Red Velvet made it through this whole match without making me wince once. 

The AEW women's division could be rounded out nicely in my opinion by formally signing Kiera Hogan AND by adding Lady Frost to the roster. 


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Really good show. Pleasantly surprised by Diamante picking up the win in the opener, didn't see that coming. Thought Allysin & Marti gelled really well as a team and looked great, came off like stars in their 2nd entrance especially. Tag finals was great. Jazzy Yang was a highlight. Cool moment for Gail/Kong and Taryn, I was a huge fan of the 2013 Gail/Taryn feud back in the day. 

Deonna/Melina was great, perfect for this event and I'm glad to see Deonna get such an excellent showcase match for her skills, she is one of the very best. Kamille/Leyla was very good, lots of cool sequences and a solid underdog performance from Leyla while Kamille continues to shine. Main event was a lot of fun chaos, nice mix of talent in there. Seeing Debbie Malenko in there ruled, I love seeing Kiera get some shine, Masha Slamovich impressed. Really good show all around, exceeded expectations. Looking forward to 73

Full EmPowerrr results: 



*Preshow: Skye Blue def. Christi Jaynes (5:10) with a rollup

NWA EmPowerrr - August 28, 2021

*Mickie James opening promo putting over the history making event. 

*Diamante def. Chik Tormenta & Kylie Rae (8:12) via Code Red on Tormenta

*The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) def. Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle & Sahara 7) (6:36) to advance to the women's tag tournament finals.

*Red Velvet & KiLynn King def. The Freebabes (Miranda Gordy & Jazzy Yang w/ Haley J) (5:41) when King pinned Yang to advance to the finals. 

*Gail Kim promo about her career. Taryn Terrell interrupted with Jennacide & Paola Blaze. Taryn complained about Gail and told her to leave. Awesome Kong then came out and destroyed Jennacide & Paola while Taryn ran away. Kong took the mic and said only Gail could bring her out. Kong said she wanted to go out with her toughest foe as she announced she is done and told Gail that she loves her. Gail said they would have a bond for life as they shared a tearful embrace while fans chanted "Thank You Kong" 

*Deonna Purrazzo(c) def. Melina (14:36) via half crab submission to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship. 

*The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) def. Red Velvet & KiLynn King (9:46) when Marti pinned Velvet after the AK47 with Kay to win the NWA Women's Tag Team Championships. Madusa presented them with the titles. 

*Kamille(c) def. Leyla Hirsch (13:11) after the Spear to retain the NWA Women's Championship

*Chelsea Green won the Women's Invitiational Cup (24:41) defeating Kiera Hogan, Bianca Carelli, Thunderkitty, Jennacide, Lady Frost, Debbie Malenko, Jamie Senegal, Masha Slamovich, & Tootie Lynn.
-#1 Chelsea Green
-#2 Kiera Hogan
-#3 Bianca Carelli
-#4 Thunderkitty
-#5 Jennacide
-Jennacide eliminated Carelli
-#6 Lady Frost
-#7 Debbie Malenko
-#8 Jamie Senegal
-Malenko eliminated Frost via STF submission
-Kiera eliminated Malenko via pinfall while Malenko had Chelsea in submission
-#9 Masha Slamovich
-Chelsea, Jamie, & Masha eliminated Jennacide
-#10 Tootie Lynn
-Masha eliminated Jamie after a package piledriver
-Masha eliminated Kiera
-Tootie eliminated Masha
-Chelsea eliminated Tootie


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Watched the show and I thought it was pretty good.  The show had some technological problems, but aside from that it was a solid show.

I liked the Triple threat opener. I'm just glad to see Kylie Rae wrestling. I figured she would win but was surprised Diamante got the win.

Both womens semi final matches were good. I think The Freebabes have something. I just can't believe Jimmy Yang Wang has a kid who's wrestling. I figured The Hex would win it all.

Purrazzo  vs Melina was a good match. As was Kamille vs Hirsch. Two solid title matches.

The invitational was pretty good. I was shocked that Chelsea won the whole thing. That should make for an interesting title match tomorrow night. Overall I think the show was a success. Hopefully it's a annual thing.

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11 hours ago, Wyld Samurai said:

Melina vs Purrazzo was the best of the show... But i do have to say i found it hard to tell the two apart because their outfits and hair were so incredibly similar! I kept thinking "Vince would have a fit at this". 

Same.  I haven't seen Melina since her WWE run and haven't seen a lot of Purrazzo.  Had the sound down when I watched the match and, yeah, it was really hard to keep them straight.

Vince would have been right, for a change.

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NWA 73

Tim Storm is the man!! Awesome chaotic opener and a super cool moment for the longtime great. Forever one of my all time favorites, glad to see him get a little something special on a major event like this. And added a great deal on commentary too. Very strange way to go about breaking up Jax and Crimson after all the prior teases. I was just thinking during the preshow that Jax made a good babyface, then he turns. Adonis/James Storm was solid. Loved seeing Flair here in this environment, great addition to the show and speech. No idea who Judais was, but it sounded like Joe Galli was mistaking him for Judas Mesias at first. Battle royal was surprisingly long, with most everyone staying in for a decent amount of time. Enjoyed the final 2 a lot, loved the way they built up the drama of the final elimination.. really though JTG was taking it there. Great weekend for Kamille, who came off like a star both nights and has come a long way from her silent days in the beginning of Powerrr. Another real good match with her and Chelsea, dug the finish a lot as Kamille going to something different to retain.

Loved seeing Konnan bringing La Rebelion out to the original LAX theme. they looked their best yet here, very good team and a good match here. Solid pacing here as I liked how it went from match to match to match without anything feeling rushed.

 I assumed Aldis' 3 year reign would finally come to an end. Wasn't huge on the idea of Murdoch being the guy to beat Aldis, after Aldis just beat him last PPV, but the build has been good and the feud video was well done so it will be a big feel moment. Dug the brawl to start it off and Badass Billy Corgan getting ready to fight. Ended up a real good main event title match, loved the Piledriver Harley tribute to tie in to the finish. Bull Schmitt sighting!

Great overall weekend for the NWA. Loved the venue/look for these shows, long live Wrestling at the Chase. 


NWA '73 Results:


*Preshow: Lady Frost & The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) def. Taryn Terrell, Jennacide, & Paola Blaze (5:09) when Frost pinned Blaze with a moonsault
*Preshow: PJ Hawx def. Colby Corino (6:48) via Hawx Clutch submission

NWA 73 - August 29, 2021

*Tim Storm def. Crimson & Thom Latimer (9:18) in the Brawl in the Lou after the Perfect Storm on Crimson. Prior to the match, Jax Dane turned on Crimson and attacked him during his entrance.

*Mickie James def. Kylie Rae (5:45) after the Mickie DDT. After the match, Deonna Purrazzo attacked Mickie.

*Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, & The Masked Man (w/ Austin Idol) def. The Pope & The End (Odinson & Parrow) (12:52) when the Masked Man pinned Odinson after Tyrus' heart punch following interference from BLK Jeez.

*Chris Adonis(c) def. James Storm (14:26) via rollup with feet on ropes to retain the NWA National Championship.

*Ric Flair came out and gave a speech about his history with the NWA and thanking those that helped him along the way while telling stories from his career. Ric said we need brands as now those that don't go to WWE or AEW, can come to the NWA. Ric said he was going to Chicago to see Mongo, then having a drink with Tony Khan and watching Chris Jericho, who watched him when he was NWA Champ. Ric thanked Billy Corgan, the fans, and all the wrestlers.

*Judais (w/ Father James Mitchell) won the 13 Man Battle Royal to become #1 contender to the National Title (21:13) defeating Sal Rinauro (w/ Danny Deals), El Rudo, Jimmy Stanley, Slice Boogie, Marshe Rockett, Jeremiah Plunkett, Captain Yuma, JTG, Heartthrob Jaden, Mims, Luke Hawx, & Rush Freeman
-Plunkett eliminated Yuma
-Rockett eliminated Plunkett
-Rinauro eliminated Rockett
-Judais eliminated Rinauro
-Hawx eliminated Stanley
-Mims eliminated El Rudo
-Hawx eliminated Slice
-Judais eliminated Mims
-Judais eliminated Hawx
-Judais eliminated JTG

*Kamille(c) def. Chelsea Green (12:28) via cross armbreaker submission on the injured wrist to retain the NWA Women's Championship

*La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) (w/ Konnan) def. Aron Stevens & Kratos(c) (14:14) after the Mark of the Beast on Stevens to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships. After the match, Konnan cut a promo putting over the NWA and pro wrestling.

*Trevor Murdoch def. Nick Aldis(c) (16:28) after the diving bulldog to WIN the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Murdoch celebrated with his family and Ric Flair in the ring. Flair put over Murdoch on the mic as the new NWA Champion.


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Tim Storm looks like your PE Teacher / High School Football coach and he's out there playing Terry Funk. Love that guy- and then he gets dressed and joins the booth!

Mecha Wolf has the coolest mask since Big Van Vader.

Really happy for Trevor Murdoch. That was one hell of a match.

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I thought Empowerrr was a pretty good show top to bottom. I do agree with the technical difficulties. Camera angles were off and the overall production quality struggled, but too much awesomeness came out of this ppv to hark on it.

The tag tourney was great. I dont think there was any doubt the Hex would take this, but they fought their way there nonetheless. Never seen Marti work like that. She looked good. Great tag maneuvers.

Kamille and Leyla was MOTN. The finish was a little soft with that spear but they were going at it all match. 

Kong retiring was a surprise and bitter sweet moment. One of my all time favorite wrestlers. There will never be anyone close to her level of greatness. 

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Another new season I guess means time to replace "Into the Fire" again, that will always be missed. I always enjoy the chaotic 'tons of things' going on show, usually that follow a PPV along with adding in new talents. Always good to see Kiera Hogan sticking around and Kenzie getting her big win was a definite shocker. Good fun episode coming off the excellent PPVs, hope they keep up the momentum and buzz.


NWA Powerrr 8/31 results:


NWA Powerrr - August 31, 2021

*Kyle Davis interviewed Kamille & Thom Latimer. They went over the happenings of Empowerrr and NWA 73 while complaining about Billy Corgan's treatment of them. After they left, Davis introduced new NWA Worlds Champ, Trevor Murdoch. They mentioned Nick Aldis taking time off after his loss. Murdoch put over Aldis and said he will always have his respect. Murdoch admitted the company needs Aldis and he hopes he's back soon. 

*May Valentine joined Kyle Davis to interview Champions Series winners Jax Dane, Colby Corino, and the Pope about having title shots whenever they choose. Colby said he won the champions series despite no team actually picking him and said when he takes his title shot, he won't miss. Pope said everyone will have to wait and see on his opportunity. Jax teased challenging for the worlds championship.

*Kiera Hogan def. Skye Blue (3:59) with the swinging fisherman's suplex. After the match, Kiera got in Mickie James' face as she was doing commentary.

*Kyle Davis interviewed Taryn Terrell, Jennacide, & Paola Blaze. NWA Womens Tag Champs The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) interrupted. Marti complained that they did all the work at NWA 73 while Lady Frost tried to take the credit. Paola challenged them to a tag title match but Allysin said it doesn't work that way, so Paola suggested a singles match. NWA World Tag Champs La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) came out as Taryn declared the interview over.

*The Rude Dudes (El Rudo & Jamie Stanley) def. The Ill Begotten (Rush Freeman & Captain Yuma) (6:07) when Stanley pinned Freeman after a double stomp/backbreaker combo to advance in a tag team tournament.

*After the match, Kyle Davis & May Valentine interviewed La Rebelion about the tag team tournament, revealing other teams are The Big Strong Boys (Mims & Sal Rinauro), JTG & Colby Corino, Jordan Clearwater & The Masked Man, Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) The End (Odinson & Parrow), Slice Boogie & Marshe Rockett, and Aron Stevens & Kratos. Mecha Wolf said it's a bunch of nobodies and people they already beat, so they are taking the titles to Mexico and not coming back until they have real competition. After they left, National Champ Chris Adonis came out with Melina. Adonis put over Melina as one of the best in the world and questioned her not being on tonight's show, blaming Billy Corgan for it. Melina talked about Kamille until Father James Mitchell & Judais interrupted to send a warning to Adonis that Judais won the battle royal to become #1 contender to Adonis' national championship. Adonis warned that he'd be messing with Strictly Business.

*Kenzie Paige def. Chelsea Green (2:04) with a sunset flip. After the match, Chelsea freaked out and started turning in to her Hot Mess character again.

*May Valentine interviewed James Storm about his future. Storm talked about his family until Austin Idol interrupted with Tyrus to announce Tyrus' first TV title defense.

*Tyrus(c) (w/ Austin Idol) def. BLK Jeez (w/ Jordan Clearwater) (1:49) after the Heart Punch to retain the NWA TV Championship





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Enjoying the tag tournament so far and all the segments set up future stuff nicely. Judais is an interesting/different pickup of a guy to push, didn't realize until later that he was formerly Murphy of Gunner & Murphy in TNA. Father James Mitchell is always great though, glad to see him involved here, same for James Storm being back around as well. Solid promo from Aldis to close the show. 


Powerrr 9/7 results:


NWA Powerrr - September 7, 2021

*May Valentine interviewed The Rude Dudes (El Rudo & Jamie Stanley) about the tag team tournament. 

*The End (Odinson & Parrow) def. Jordan Clearwater & Cyon the Masked Man (w/ Austin Idol) (8:02) after Hell on Earth on Clearwater to advance in the tag team tournament.

*May Valentine interviewed Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) about facing Colby Corino & JTG in the tag team tournament.

*Judais (w/ Father James Mitchell) def. Jeremiah Plunkett (1:48) after a Crucifix Powerbomb. After the match, Mitchell ordered Judais to do it again but James Storm came out to challenge him. 

*Kyle Davis hosted a face to face with Crimson and Jax Dane. Jax said Crimson always comes up short and bragged about his championship series win and says his title shot is not up for grabs. Crimson says everyone sees Jax as the world's luckiest loser as he was one of the last guys picked and ended up on the winning team. Crimson says Jax will screw it up like he does everything in his life but now he won't be there to pick up the pieces. Crimson vowed to humiliate Jax but Jax said there's no way he could. Crimson then announced they have a match in next week's main event. 

*Kylie Rae def. Tootie Lynn (5:29) via Charity Case Crossface submission

*Kyle Davis interviewed Tyrus w/ Austin Idol, Jordan Clearwater, & BLK Jeez.

*The Big Strong Pals (Mims & Sal Rinauro) (w/ Danny Deals) def. Slice Boogie & Marshe Rockett (6:09) when Mims pinned Slice to advance in the tag team tournament.

*Kyle Davis hosted a face to face with Paola Blaze & Marti Belle. They argued the whole time while Davis announced Paola vs. Marti and Jennacide vs. Allysin where if either Paola or Jennacide win, they will get a tag title shot. 

*Kyle Davis interviewed Nick Aldis (w/ Kamille, Thom Latimer, & Chris Adonis). Aldis put over his 1,044 day title reign and talked about how now Trevor Murdoch has the target on his back and has to do all the media. Aldis promised to become worlds champion again. Aldis declared winning is a family business as Mickie James joined his side and left with him.


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