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With your latest update in the race for the #1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (1-12, .575)
  2. New York Giants (2-11, .462)
  3. Washington (3-10, .483)
  4. Miami Dolphins (3-10, .490)
  5. Detroit Lions (3-9-1, .498)
  6. Arizona Cardinals (3-9-1, .550)
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9, .481)
  8. Atlanta Falcons (4-9, .555)
  9. New York Jets (5-8, .466)
  10. Los Angeles Chargers (5-8, .512)
  11. Denver Broncos (5-8, .531)
  12. Carolina Panthers (5-8, .536)

Teams with multiple first-round picks:

  • Miami is currently selecting at #4, #22 (Pittsburgh), and #23 (Houston).
  • Jacksonville is currently selecting at #7 and #20 (Los Angeles Rams).
  • Oakland is currently selecting at #14 and #18 (Chicago).
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NFC Playoff Clinching Scenarios for Week 15

San Francisco 49ers

Clinch playoff spot with any of the following:

  • SF victory (vs ATL)
  • LAR loss or tie (at DAL)
  • Losses by both MIN (at LAC) + Green Bay (vs CHI)

Seattle Seahawks

Clinch playoff spot with any of the following:

  • SEA win (at CAR) + MIN loss (at LAC)
  • SEA win + GB loss (vs CHI) + MIN tie
  • SEA win + LAR loss or tie (at DAL)
  • SEA tie + LAR loss

Green Bay Packers

Clinch playoff spot with any of the following:

  • GB win (vs CHI) + LAR loss or tie (at DAL)
  • GB tie + LAR loss
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AFC Playoff Clinching Scenarios for Week 15

Baltimore Ravens

Clinch AFC North with any of the following:

  • BAL win or tie (vs NYJ)
  • PIT loss or tie (vs BUF)

Clinch first-round bye with any of the following:

  • BAL win (vs NYJ) + NE loss (at CIN)
  • BAL win + KC loss or tie (vs DEN)
  • BAL tie + KC loss

Clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with the following:

  • BAL win (vs NYJ) + NE loss (at CIN) + KC loss or tie (vs DEN)

New England Patriots

Clinch playoff berth with the following:

  • NE win or tie (at CIN)

Buffalo Bills

Clinch playoff berth with the following:

  • BUF win (at PIT)
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It should be noted, the Miami strength of schedule is extremely buoyed by their last game - vs. New England.  

Their other two games are @ NY Giants and vs. Cincinnati.  So there are not unrealistic scenarios where the Dolphins end up at #1 or completely out of the Top 10. 

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1 hour ago, jaedmc said:

Didn't seem very weird to me.

The weird part is where the Jag goes "just don't do it in my ear please" and Rivers is nodding his head agreeing going "yeah, yeah" and then instantly flips and starts screaming I WILL DO IT IN YOUR EAR!!!!

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As of now - Eli Manning is expected to start Sunday against Miami

If it does - it will give Eli at least one more start at home.

And now I am stupidly getting all choked up at my desk

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11 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

As of now - Eli Manning is expected to start Sunday against Miami

If it does - it will give Eli at least one more start at home.

And now I am stupidly getting all choked up at my desk

He might make it back to .500.

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I am just putting this here because I am lazy

10 former NFL players are charged by federal prosecutors with defrauding the NFL's health care system (basically submitting invoices for things that they never bought, got treated for etc...)

The players

  • Clinton Portis
  • Carlos Rogers
  • Robert McCune
  • John Eubanks,
  • Tamarick Vanover
  • Ceandris Brown,
  • James Butler
  • Frederick Bennett
  • Correll Buckhalter
  • Etric Pruitt

Additionally, Joe Horn and Reche Caldwell will be charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud


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Talk about giving the NFL a gift that worth its weight in gold in the upcoming contract negotiations. This can be used to discredit any former players claims as fraud, and I'm sure they will.

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18 hours ago, supremebve said:

I'm watching the NFL 100 Runningbacks show and Bill Belichick is making me like him.  I don't appreciate it.

I watched the NFL Network profile on him. He's very personable and funny when he's not working. 

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Looks like the Pats weren't cheating after all. Bad optics (especially considering the past of running right up to the line, and according to some, putting a foot over the line), but not an attempt to cheat.

(From The Athletic, behind paywall)

Bill Belichick was pressed Wednesday on one key remaining question regarding the sideline-video controversy between the Patriots and Bengals.

While Belichick stood pat with his responses, continuing to make it clear Patriots football operations had nothing to do with the actions or directions of the organization’s production crew, he didn’t go into detail about the scout’s vantage point of the video crew or whether the scout was aware of the rule that prohibits teams from videotaping opponents’ sidelines.

“He was doing his job,” Belichick said of the scout, who has not been identified. “That’s what he was doing. He was doing his job, like we all tried to do.”

The Athletic was able to connect those remaining missing dots Thursday.

If you missed it, here’s a primer on the events that led up to the Patriots sending a three-person production crew to Cleveland on Sunday for the game between the Browns and Bengals. The quick version is they were on hand to finish shooting an episode of “Do Your Job” on a week in the life of a Patriots pro scout.

Here are a few more details to fill in from Sunday morning and afternoon.

The Patriots advance scout arrived at FirstEnergy Stadium about three hours before the game. During the time before kickoff, the Patriots’ production crew interviewed the scout on camera. As part of the interview, the scout went through some bullet points about his normal activity on game days, including what he examines during games. A portion of his game-day studies include notes on the sideline, which is permissible by NFL rules and routine scouting activity for teams league-wide.

After the conclusion of the interview, the production crew shot B-roll – alternative video footage that airs over an interview – from the press box. The scout was assigned one seat in the third row, and the video crew was assigned one seat next to him. They shot some B-roll of the scout from next to him before the game and then into the first quarter. Because the scout was the subject of those candid shots, he was going about his business and attempting to block them out of his sightline to try to deflect the attention of having a production crew following him around in a work environment.

From there, the crew maneuvered about the press box and shot more B-roll of the scout, including some shots over his shoulder. Then the videographer relocated to the front row to an unoccupied section of the press box, with the producer stationed behind the camera.

From the scout’s location in the third row, he eventually noticed the crew had moved locations but couldn’t decipher what the crew had been shooting due to the angle between them. The scout was handling his own game-day job responsibilities.

The camera was attached to a monitor, so anyone in close proximity could see what the crew was shooting. And for eight minutes while the camera was fixed on the Bengals sideline, a Bengals employee recorded video of that monitor before reporting the activity to security.

The scout didn’t see the crew again until the two-minute warning in the second quarter when they were being interviewed about the incident.

So to answer the one remaining question, no, the scout was not in position to notice the crew was shooting video of the sideline.

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Fun little side note to the KC uniform fiasco.

Plan B was that the Chiefs would have been wearing a local HS helmets.



The mad scramble to get those uniforms included a state police escort for that Riddell representative to Masconomet Regional High School in Boxford, followed by a trip to Gillette Stadium with the Chieftains’ high school football helmets in tow.

Why Masco’s helmets? Well, they look identical to the Chiefs’ helmets.

Each is red with white arrowheads on the side and red lettering. What’s the one big difference? Masco has an “M” inside its high school Chieftains arrowhead, and the NFL Chiefs have “KC” inside theirs.

But if you’re going to forfeit a game against the Patriots, close enough counts, right? That led to a phone call at 11 a.m. between that local representative for helmet provider Riddell, which supplies Masconomet’s helmets, and the Masconomet Regional High School athletic director.

“At first I didn’t pick up,” Daileanes told the Tri-Town Transcript. “We had been talking about some other winter stuff that he needed to deliver, and I thought he was just going to tell me he was delivering it to us Monday. But then he called back 15 seconds later.”

The Masconomet athletic director this time picked up the phone.

“He told me, ’I really don’t have too much time to talk,” Daileanes said. ”‘But a bunch of the Kansas City Chiefs helmets and shoulder pads and other equipment are in Newark, New Jersey right now. There’s a big snafu. I need to get down to Masco, and if it’s possible could we use your helmets for the game?’”

The Riddell rep got a state police escort to Masconomet Regional High School. Daileanes notified a custodian who had been there working on Sunday morning, and that staff member led the Riddell rep to the Masconomet helmets.

And off to Foxborough they went.


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50 minutes ago, StuntmanCrowley said:

Lamar Jackson's season has to be going down as one of the best by a QB in history, right?  He's more than proven himself as a passer and his running ability is so far ahead of any of his contemporaries.

Yes.  Full stop.  He currently has 2889 passing, 1103 rushing, 40 total TDs, and 6 INTs

My list of best quarterbacking seasons of all time.

Peyton Manning 2013 - 5477 56 total TDs 10 INTs

Tom Brady 2007 - 4806 52 total TDs 8 INTs

Patrick Mahomes 2018 - 5097 52 total TDs 12 INTs 

Peyton Manning 2004 - 557 49 TDs 10 INTs

Cam Newton 2015 - 3837 Passing, 636 Rushing, 45 total TDs, 10 INTs

Randall Cunningham 1990 - 3466 Passing, 942 Rushing, 35 total TDS, 13 INTs...didn't win MVP (Joe Montana won, if you were going to give it to a 49er, it should have been Jerry Rice.)

Dan Marino 1984 - 5084, 48 TDs 17 INTs

Randall Cunningham 1998 - 3704, 35 total TDs, 10 INTs




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