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WWE star Jeff Hardy was arrested yesterday evening in Moore County, North Carolina and charged with driving while impaired, PWInsider.com has confirmed.

The Moore County Police Department confirmed that Hardy was released around 11:30 PM last night from being incarcerated but declined to give additional details beyond what he has been charged with citing the fact that it is an ongoing investigation.

Hardy has been out of action due to a leg injury for some time but is slated to appear at the November 3rd ringside Fest event in New York City.


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On 10/2/2019 at 5:25 AM, thee Reverend Axl Future said:

I dislike when I have a post I am proud of but it's almost the end of the month so here is something to chew on:


I have been working on a succinct definition of professional wrestling for years, but this is my work-in-progress list of thee three necessary elements of a pro rasslin match ---

A) worked moves

B) predetermined finish

C) presented to the audience as sports competition

Without#1, you have a fixed MMA match. Without #2, it's gymnastics. No #3 it is a play.


still pondering,


(aahh, quoting oneself, powerful messageboard heeling)

Just to update, since I have been thinking on this more, This is not a definition of pro wreslting, just as succinct a list as I can think of of the essential elements needed. I thought about adding a "realtime" qualifier in (C) - I guess it's needed. Is an audience necessary? I don't want to exclude the (admittedly rare but beloved by myself) empty arena/island matches.

please ponder amongst yourselves,


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3 hours ago, Smelly McUgly said:

Per your second point, Vader doing a Vader Bomb (or Moonsault) in 1992 fit perfectly with his gimmick as more than your typical big man because he was quick and agile and could do things that only guys like Brian Pillman might attempt at the time. It made sense that he was a Big Guy doing Little Guy Shit because his gimmick was that he was an all-world athlete and killer who could do anything. Plus, he would often whiff on his top-rope moves in big matches against top faces, so the underlying message there was that even though he could do that stuff, maybe sometimes that he was a bit too cocky and tried it against the tippy-top guys was part of his downfall when he lost. 


That's different from doing the same standing SSP that half the roster can (and will do) regardless of their size in 2019.


Per your first point, I guess you would if your prevailing opinion of what makes a match good is MOVEZ, but I mean, Seth Rollins is the ultimate product of that mindset and he absolutely sucks (well, still sucks, from what I've heard from this board). I'd prefer the wrestler who asks what he should do in the context of his character and the match itself rather than what he can do athletically, damn the context. 

Indeed. Wrestling is full of guys who are athletic and can do a lot of cool stuff, but then none of it is cool anymore. Pick and choose and know the roster and what they do and the situation and the story you are telling in the ring. Only one guy gets to do springboard, handspring, slingshot, rolling cutters. Only one guy gets to do the Canadian Destroyer(or zero guys...fuck that thing is played out) etc. A little more interest in psychology and pacing and less in getting a movez pop from the crowd would go a long way. Old man shouting at clouds over here.

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Set this match up for the WM weekend TakeOver.

Have Riddle call him out for several weeks and win squash matches with a spear and a Jackhammer.

Have Goldberg make a surprise Full Sail appearance where he confronts Riddle.

That would bump up ratings and would be a massive TakeOver match.

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1 minute ago, BrianS81177 said:

Welp, who had October 5th in the "when will the monthly thread get closed by RIPPA?" pool?

Me and @AxB tried saving it someone what, but doesn't seem like it's possible at this point. ??‍♂️

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Awesome, glad that's over...

Back to wrestling, this Twitter thread is quite funny:


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On 10/4/2019 at 5:15 PM, Curt McGirt said:

Ole was an asshole but honestly, some people need that advice. Vader didn't, Page might. I was kinda hyped to see a guy who just blasts people after that opening lariat and then he's flipping and flying like everyone else on the roster. They need variety. 

Maybe to you they need variety, but I don’t think the teenage audience that’s watching AEW, apparently, cares if a dude dressed like a cowboy isn’t throwing haymakers instead of doing a SSP. To them, it just looks cool.

Just like the line of thinking that they need more hoss types or whatever. I guarantee you a 16 year old watching AEW could care less if some big burly dude is in the promotion or not, they most likely rather see flippy shit because it’s more impressive.

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