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It figures that a week or so after i made the terrible choice to watch old NXT, Peacock would completely fuck up their 2012 archive. I keep watching 1 ep and then the autoplay is a Redemption episode, with the ep that was SUPPOSED to be there stuffed between Dec 2012 and Jan 2013. Anyway. Thoughts after the first round of the Gold Rush Tournament:


1) Paige goes from jobber to one of the centerpieces of the division within, like, a month. Without discussing any of what comes later, that's an impressively fast response to fan reaction (especially by WWE's glacial standards.)


2) They REALLY wanted Raquel Diaz to be a big deal. Giving her the earpiece mic to shit talk her opponent as she walks to the ring is a trick worth trying again, but she didn't quite have the juice for it.


3) the Gold Rush has 2 white South Africans, but no Black wrestlers. That seems fucking nuts for 2012, even though it wasn't an all-white group (with Jinder and Richie in there.)


4) Drew looks so fucking weird young and clean-shaven. His music at this point feels like they were trying to ape Metallica's cover of Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" without the Bob Seger.


5) Juice Robinson as CJ Parker has a literal baby face. 


6) as much as the ring announcer from the first few eps wasn't doing a great job, now that she's been replaced I hope she has lived her best life ever since.


7) the commentary team sometimes shifts between matches. I don't like it. Regal talking about which guys he's tried to set up with his daughters should probably bother me more than it does, but it's juxtaposed against Regal's oblique perving on women young enough to BE his daughters. He's clearly taken with Paige and Audrey Marie in particular, and he never says anything gross but I'm still a lot more sensitive to that shit in my old age than I was when I was the performers' ages.


I'm not saying this was the worst "revisit some old shit" choice I've made since I read all the Image-era Stormwatch and WildCATs books on DC Universe, but I reserve the right to say at any point that it was and ask you all what a good spot to jump to would be.

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9 hours ago, Cliff Hanger said:

5) Juice Robinson as CJ Parker has a literal baby face. 

I'm not saying this was the worst "revisit some old shit" choice I've made since I read all the Image-era Stormwatch and WildCATs books on DC Universe, but I reserve the right to say at any point that it was.

wait, Robinson ripped off his name from Pamela Anderson in Baywatch? did they make some allusion to that on commentary? Like, if it's a storyline point i could understand it, but if they just used the same name without referencing it, i am perplexed.

early Image largely SUCKS. the epitome of "all sizzle, no steak". There's some actually good stuff in there, but it's buried under mounds of uhh, let's just say "stylistic" artwork and fifth grade writing.

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1 hour ago, twiztor said:

wait, Robinson ripped off his name from Pamela Anderson in Baywatch? did they make some allusion to that on commentary? Like, if it's a storyline point i could understand it, but if they just used the same name without referencing it, i am perplexed.

Not that I noticed. They mostly just talk about him being a beach bum who does yoga and is popular with the ladies. He's been on twice in the (I think, hard to tell since they're out of order) 7 eps I've seen and lost both matches.

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I'm pretty sure NXT really picks up during the build up to NXT Arrival in February of 2014. The stuff prior to that is interesting here and there but as a whole is hit or miss which is ok for a developmental show. Cool Pre-Arrival things I remember: Ambrose/Regal, Cesaro/Regal, Big E requesting 5 counts, Summer Rae corrupting Charlotte and Sasha, The women's title tournament.

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Decided to watch some wrestling that happened in June of a 9 or 4 year (I might remember to do KOTR 94 and the Flair/Sting June 94 Clash this month, I watched KOTR 99 on PPV at a friends house when it happened) and I came up with...

ECW Hostile City Showdown 1994:

Hack Myers looks like a biker until he takes his jacket off. Tommy Dreamer is a pretty boy with a shiny jacket. The arena is darrrrkkk, or maybe not lighted well. Tommy Dreamer also has suspenders. It's like Tommy would have been teaming with Bagwell in the American Males if he wanted to. Dreamer's DDT looked way nicer than you'd expect from a move that doesn't lead to a pinfall attempt. Man that Tommy Dreamer top rope splash looks less impactful than it should. I guess Dreamer got the Superfly Splash after that match with Snuka in February.

911 shows up to prevent us from seeing Chad Austin vs Don E. Allen. Chokeslams of questionable quality for all. Tod Gordon takes a chokeslam. Tommy Dreamer takes a chokeslam. For all the guys who were made in ECW and didn't do much anywhere else, 911 didn't have the peak of Public Enemy but 911 did absolutely nothing once he left ECW.

The Pit Bull (there was only one at the time, I guess) vs The Tazmaniac in a dog collar match. How does Taz work a dog collar match when he has no neck. Joey Styles goes in on noting how Eastern Championship is real hardcore wrestling. When it comes to matches between short dudes who are booked like monsters, this is one of them. Okay, we're doing "touch 4 corners", so that tells us what the finish will probably be. Nice suplex from Taz. They both touch 3 corners then Taz hits a German Suplex for the win. Which was a surprise. Oh yeah, here's that second Pitbull, who is back. One Pitbull has hair, the other doesn't. The Pitbulls attack Taz postmatch and they hang him with a chain. Great times bruddah. 

The Bruise Brothers! Shane Douglas and Mr Hughes! This is certainly a matchup. In the scheme of things, probably a mistake for the Harris Brothers to shave their heads. Mr. Hughes might be a top guy for dudes with a look who just never lasted long anywhere. Fortunately K-State became good in the 90s, so hyping Curtis Hughes as a former Kansas State player became more impressive once they stopped sucking every year. Shane Douglas likes to fight. He has issued open challenges to Ric Flair and Bret Hart. Douglas vs Bret probably would have been perfectly fine and better than a Douglas/Flair match in the 90s. Joey talks up the size difference between Douglas and the Harrises after I notice that it doesn't seem like a huge size difference between then. Referee Jim Molineaux really looks like Kevin from the Office. Appears that Shane Douglas traded Sherri for Mr. Hughes and Joey is subtly burying her for going to WCW to work with Flair. Over the top rope isn't a DQ in ECW because this is hardcore. Joey is just selllinggg hard these days. I think he was gone for part of 94 before they brought him back since the dude in-between sucked so bad. WE DON'T SELL FOAM FINGERS HERE IN THE ECW ARENA. It's possible we just didn't talk about how fucking obnoxious Joey Styles was because we are also obnoxious then. Anyways, Hughes hits a sidewalk slam, but the ref is busy, so the Harrises do stuff and win the match. Some fan has a "Mr. Hughes shine my shoes" sign which reminds me that ECW Arena was probably in the part of Philly that voted heavily for Frank Rizzo every time.

Singapore Cane on a Pole, Tommy Cairo vs The Sandman. The first wrestler to take the cane off the pole wins. Did Sandman make this setup too using carpentry skills like he made the cross in 1996. Woman looks gorgeous and tanned, Sandman looks pale with a beerbelly. Lots of cigarette puffing at ringside. Sandman, truly a wrestler for the fan has a regular order at a roadside diner. Tommy Cairo looks like a guy who decided to model his look off of Ronnie Garvin (only without hairdye). Peaches looking like Steffi Graf from the neck up. These two really look like two guys who would fight each other in an alley behind a bar over a perceived slight. Sandman kinda towering over Cairo. Nice German Suplex by Cairo. I don't remember seeing any Tommy Cairo before but he looks good early. Do I want to know why Cairo just disappeared by the time that everybody else started watching ECW? The cane just fucking falls off the post randomly. Okay, maybe this match concept has a flaw. Woman gives the Sandman a cane, which means he win the match. Oh, it's a no contest instead. Sandman shoves Peaches down so he can keep caning Cairo. Woman canes Peaches because it would be wrong for a man to cane his wife in ECW, so let Woman do it instead. Hey Cairo is bleeding. "She might have a concussion, this is truly tragic". ECW ECW ECW

Now it's time for the Public Enemy vs the Funk Brothers. It began in April with Bobby Eaton showing up. Then Arn Anderson showed up too. Arn Anderson hitting a DDT on Sabu. Joey makes sure we remember the April show was Show 53 for anybody wanting to order it. Paul E visits The Public Enemy In Da Hood! Arn Anderson abandoned Terry Funk (Arn would turn heel on Dustin in a match vs Bunkhouse Buck and... Terry Funk in WCW in July). Can the power of 1994 ECW make Dory Funk Jr not boring? Dory's jacket looking suspiciously like a high school letterman's jacket. This a nontitle match, which is good news for the multiple tag teams being talked up as challengers to the Public Enemy. Dory has way more hair than I was expecting. That dropdown and forearm by Dory looks good. Nice uppercuts. Public Enemy really flying for Dory. Maybe Dory is a lot more fun when he's not working like a 1970s NWA champion in 1987. Chairs flying in the ring as I realize a certain gif i've seen might be happening soon. Hey the rare doubleteam chair shot where the guy just gets hit with a chair instead of moving. Okay, they might be having too much Dory even if it's technically the babyface in peril. Good move to cut away from Dory punching Rocco because those punches do not look great. The spinning toe hold could work in 2024 if you just taunt the other guy while applying the hold. Paul E and 911 are here. And the referee gets chokeslammed. Paul E counts a doubleteam pin on Dory. Terry Funk makes a save and counts a pinfall too. Dory's forearms look great. Terry Funk is in the Eagle's Nest and Joey has to act like he's doing commentary live. You won't see stuff like Rocco Rock hanging from his feet tumbling from the Eagle's Nest anywhere except ECW. Okay, the chairs gif happened at Hardcore Heaven, not on this card.

Mikey Whipwreck is defending the TV title vs future murderer Rockin Rebel. Mikey Whipwreck, truly ahead of his time in look and gimmick. Jason looking sleazy as always. The pink gear on Mikey is really something. The Mikey gimmick also works since it's really like "what if a TV job guy just started winning matches on flukes" like if WCW ended up putting a title on Nasty Ned Brady. Mikey looking like Mike D in there. Mikey wins by DQ after interference. Taz appears to save Mikey from Rebel/Jason and then the Pitbulls show up. 4 on 1 beatdown ensues. Jason's top rope splash might be better than the one Dreamer did. Jason is taller than Pitbull 1.

Now it's time for Sabu vs Cactus Jack. Back in a magical time when dream matches existed in our world. Bold claim by Joey to suggest there are doctors who handle medical clearances in 1994 ECW. Joey is shilling for ECW like Paul E is going to kill Joey's family if he doesn't shill harder. The Sabu spots are even more batshit when you notice how close the rails are to the ring in the ECW arena. Yeah in theory Jack should back-elbow Sabu if he tries the same cool chair move two times in a row. Jack's front flip makes me wonder if he ever mixed in a senton or if he just preferred really dumb moves like that sunset flip on the floor. Kinda fun how the reputation of these two mean that you can have them throw each other to the floor in a series of suplex reversals and it looks dangerous because both guys are dangerous. Yep that Sabu legdrop through a table off of the guard rail looks like a Sabu move. Okay, Jack taking a back suplex on the floor is sufficiently crazy for Mick if the camera angle was lacking. FUCK that moonsault over the guardrail onto the table is batshit crazy. The ref does his best to look the other way as Paul E hits Jack with the phone and Sabu gets the win. Cactus fighting 911 post match and I gotta imagine that would be the best match 911 could ever have. Joey selling Jack's chair shot on 911 like it's Steve Atwater hitting Bo Jackson. The Franchise is attacking Cactus to the confusion of Joey. The Bruise Brothers run out. Sabu jumps onto everybody. Jack piledrives Sabu on a table and we almost see it. THESE MEN DON'T UNDERSTAND MONEY. How do we have 7 minutes left of postmatch stuff. And then Sabu hits Jack in the head with a bottle. Which I think isn't actually the most famous spot with Jack and Sabu and a bottle since they did that in 1995 too, right? That might be Jack and Sandman though. Man that table broke in a unique way. Sabu with a moonsault and then Jack slowly flips that table into Sabu.

Hey it's Jack with the WCW World Tag Team title. Then he spits on it and that pissed off WCW. But Jack was on his way out of the company and they had already taped content with Pretty Wonderful as the champs. So, fuck em. Jack is sick of being a family entertainer.

Paul E and 911 are talking postmatch. 911 looks like if Rick Rude had a lovechild with Jake Roberts. Paul E is covered in sweat. I can't imagine the ECW Arena ever had a functional AC system. Paul E does his work to talk up everything we just saw.

It's great action as long as you're not a stickler for lighting or camera work. Literally the definition of doing what the WWF and WCW wouldn't do in 1994.

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Things I Remember from King of the Ring 1994:

Of course one of the things people remember from this card is that Art Donovan was a commentator and he clearly had no idea what he was seeing. I'll hold back on noting all the things he said. It's like having your grandpa in the room. How they didn't just realize that Art Donovan should be the guest commentator for one match.

Anyways.. the heels are arguing over which one will advance.

Razor vs Bam Bam was a fun one with a bit of a banana slip finish.

Mabel gets to cut a promo on Razor Ramon a year before his turn.

IRS gets mic time walking down the ramp in multiple matches. This one had even more of a banana slip finish.

Owen vs Tatanka is what it is.

Jarrett vs Kid was fun. You can tell that maybe Jerry Jarrett is in the room if you have a postmatch beatdown with multiple piledrivers

Bret vs Diesel was interesting and maybe a hint that Nash really could do some stuff even if Bret got all the credit. The boxing sequence was fun. Jim Neidhart was in Bret's corner and he runs in to get Bret DQed (more on that later)

Razor beats IRS in some way that I forgot.

Owen vs 123 was a memorable sprint that got only a few minutes and ruled

Really the only parts of Headshrinkers vs Yokozuna/Crush I remember is the tandem headbutting and the finish

Owen beats Razor after Jim Neidhart runs out and helps him. Owen becomes the King of Harts during the ceremony, finally killing off the Rocket nickname. 

Somehow Jerry Lawler vs Roddy Piper is the main event. The Piper promos before this one are Piper sending in home videos that probably cut down on the rambling. Jerry Lawler gets a line on Governor William Donald Schaefer that the arena barely sells. Art Donovan saying Jerry Lawler should have been a preacher is more hilarious than him saying 123 Kid looks like a boxer. This would have been an amazing matchup a decade earlier. Roddy switching the order of the They Live line. How is the scorned kid the second best micworker in this one. Meanwhile Piper is ripped for some reason. So he's not wrestling again for nearly 2 years after this one. Jesus this match is getting all the time Owen/Waltman didn't get. Jarrett's piledrivers to Waltman weren't all that great compared to Lawler hitting a piledriver on Piper. This match sucks and why won't it end. And it ends. That was a shitty match.

Honestly most of the matches are better than the reputation of the card. The lows were lowwww.

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5 minutes ago, twiztor said:

yeah but did we ever find out HOW MUCH DOES THAT GUY WEIGH?

I coulda sworn I heard Savage just mentioning that without being asked at least once to try and keep Art from asking again.

Also I forgot to mention the Ball'more fans doing the "OHHHH" during the anthem which even happens with Oriole fans when they're on the road. Guessing Vince being away is why they sang the Star Spangled Banner instead of America the Beautiful. Also how many non-Wrestlmania WWF PPVs opened with the anthem or America the Beautiful?

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Let me watch some WWF Superstars on YouTube that's also on the Network

WWF Superstars (6/19/1993)

We open with Mean Gene partly blocked by Yokozuna interviewing Mr. Fuji. Fuji announces that on the Fourth of July, they will be at the USS Intrepid and that American athletes are being challenged to slam Yokozuna. Gene's really putting in some work to sell this concept.

Anyways, our Superstars booth is Vince, Macho Man, and Jerry Lawler. A man who has never been accused of anything wrong and two others.

Vince says that Yokozuna clearly doesn't represent the Asian Americans (well...) or the Japanese. Vince is in a suit that he wore on USWA TV. Lawler is in a black and red outfit that probably wore at the Mid-South Coliseum. Macho Man is in pink and yellow and stewing. Macho Man changes the topic to Jerry Lawler attacking Bret Hart at KOTR. Lawler dubs Bret the "get hitman". Got em.

Match 1: The Smoking Gunns vs Reno Riggins and Scott Taylor. The Gunns fire off their guns prematch. Family entertainment. Last Monday Night in Columbus, the Steiners beat Money Inc for the Titles. But then they lost the titles back in Rockford a few days later. Lawler equating Bret Hart claiming to be a king to the crime of impersonating a police office. That double Russian legsweep looks nice. Gunns win with a back body drop into a piledriver doubleteam which is a cool looking move that could be fucked up easily.

Mean Gene takes us back to King of the Ring. Available on Coliseum video on August 12th. That combination of still photos and commentary audio is a decision. Don't wanna undermine the video tape sales. Oh yeah, there's a PPV replay this Tuesday.

Match 2: Bastion Booger vs Virgil. Booger making his debut. A matchup of two men who loved meat sauce. Work is work, so one can figure out why Mike Shaw decided to end up in the WWF in 1993. Vince is sure some American can slam Yokozuna. Macho Man imagining 10,000 people coming to challenge Yokozuna and slam him. Virgil beats Booger with a Crucifix. Jobbing to Virgil in 1993. Mike Shaw must have made a great first impression. Lawler uses the telestrator to joke that Bastion Booger is Randy Savage's brother.

Face to Face with Mean Gene and Money Inc. Ted Dibiase assuring us that he won't feel the Frankensteiner, and with how his neck was by 1993, he really should avoid getting spiked by Scott Steiner. Mean Gene wants to know if a team named Money Inc is only motivated by Money. Amazing how good "satellite technology" was in 1993.

Relive King of the Ring 1993! The encore replay is on June 22nd at 8pm.

Match 3: The Native American Tatanka vs Mike Bell. These fans in this hockey arena are really thrilled by the Native American Tatanka (for the record, we're in Nova Scotia and this was taped in May). Tatanka wins with the Samoan Drop (End of the Trail?).

Let's take you back to Monday Night Raw. Razor Ramon has a challenge for the 123 Kid. The Kid was contacted "in Japan" and he accepted the $10,000 challenge for this Monday on Raw.

Match 4: The Narcissist Lex Luger vs Phil Apollo. Vince assures us the mirror in the ring is not the one destroyed at King of the Ring (it could be if you consider when this was taped). The Narcissist theme feels like someone was trying to do new age music. We're gonna get an update on the Undertaker after his attack by Mr. Hughes. Lawler is jubilant over all the babyfaces getting beaten down lately. Vince using Luger to plug ICO PRO. Yeah, that's what Lex is using. Luger hits Apollo in the head with a running elbow from the side for the win. It's not exactly the Stainless Steel Forearm of Death.

From inside the pages of the WWF Magazine with Gorilla Monsoon. Last week on Superstars, The Giant Gonzalez came down to ringside to fight the Undertaker. Then Mr. Hughes showed up to sidewalk slam Paul Bearer and hit the Undertaker with the urn. Paul Bearer is apparently out of action and Mr. Hughes has the urn now.

Match 5: Joey Tempest vs Crush. Joey Tempest looking like a 90s teen movie goof. Jerry Lawler says Crush can't be in the Stars and Stripes challenge because Hawaiians aren't real Americans. Don't ask Jerry about birth certificates. Next week, Bastion Booger gets a rematch with Virgil. Crush wins with the Head Vice.

Another commercial for the KOTR replay. How long did they keep running PPV replays a week after they happened.

Let's go to this footage of black people hanging out on the playground as Oscar raps about Men on a Mission. Some real amazing green screen technology being used here.

Match 6: Adam Bomb vs Jerry Seavey. Jerry Seavey looks like a dude that Marty Jannetty would use as a fall guy. Between Adam Bomb and Ludvig Borga, the WWF was searccching for some new heel gimmicks in 1993. That front suplex onto the top rope looks brutal. Adam Bomb wins with the Atom Smasher (a power bomb).

I know Mean Gene is still here for another 3 months but it's kinda surreal to see him around. Face to Face with Sensational Sherri and Luna. This feud is certainly a feud between women with similar on-screen personas, isn't it?

If you miss Razor vs the 1-2-3 Kid this Monday on Raw, it will be replayed on Superstars. Finally some fan service for people who don't have cable in 1993.

Bastion Booger has words for Virgil for this rematch next week.

Well, this was certainly a 1993 WWF show.

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9 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

Let's take you back to Monday Night Raw. Razor Ramon has a challenge for the 123 Kid. The Kid was contacted "in Japan" and he accepted the $10,000 challenge for this Monday on Raw.

I think he genuinely was in Japan. They did the upset over Razor, then Kid went to New Japan to be in the Top of the Super Junior tournament (I think the last one before they renamed it to Best of the Super Junior). It still blows my mind that there was a match between 1-2-3 Kid and 2 Cold Scorpio in 1993, but I don't think it made tape. (Same with Finlay. And Liger. At least the Eddy Guerrero match made it.)

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21 minutes ago, Stefanie Sparkleface said:

I think he genuinely was in Japan. They did the upset over Razor, then Kid went to New Japan to be in the Top of the Super Junior tournament (I think the last one before they renamed it to Best of the Super Junior). It still blows my mind that there was a match between 1-2-3 Kid and 2 Cold Scorpio in 1993, but I don't think it made tape. (Same with Finlay. And Liger. At least the Eddy Guerrero match made it.)

Waltman wrestling in Japan from May 26th to June 11th, the Razor challenge was taped on June 7th and aired on June 14th, Waltman worked a Wrestling Challenge taping on the 14th, and then their match was on the 21st.

At the risk of trying to make a timeline out of 1993 wrestling tapings.

WWF was doing things like a pretaped Raw the night after KOTR and MSG the night before KOTR which makes me wonder when they actually knew they’d be running KOTR on that date.

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10 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

The Narcissist theme feels like someone was trying to do new age music.

It's very much the sort of music you'd hear while getting a therapeutic massage. 

I still dig it, though. 

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wondering who would have more amusing moments bringing out a mirror to reference the Narcissist gimmick between Yokozuna, Fuji or Cornette

Jimmy Del Ray with a Narcissist mirror would have been.. something but JDR feels like a guy who might have had a mirror on the ceiling above his bed

I was about to make a joke about the Narcissist music sounding like Jimmy Hart or Jim Johnson doing an Enigma song, but I didn't want to check into if "Sadeness" was out before 1993 (it was, but "Return to Innocence" wouldn't be out for another few months)

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20 hours ago, Stefanie Sparkleface said:

It still blows my mind that there was a match between 1-2-3 Kid and 2 Cold Scorpio in 1993, but I don't think it made tape. (Same with Finlay. And Liger. At least the Eddy Guerrero match made it.)

Kid vs. Liger actually happened?!? i never heard of this. total dream match for me.

found this pic:

No photo description available.

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On 6/20/2024 at 10:34 AM, Cobra Commander said:

wondering who would have more amusing moments bringing out a mirror to reference the Narcissist gimmick between Yokozuna, Fuji or Cornette

Jimmy Del Ray with a Narcissist mirror would have been.. something but JDR feels like a guy who might have had a mirror on the ceiling above his bed

I was about to make a joke about the Narcissist music sounding like Jimmy Hart or Jim Johnson doing an Enigma song, but I didn't want to check into if "Sadeness" was out before 1993 (it was, but "Return to Innocence" wouldn't be out for another few months)

In addition to the mirror on the night stand?

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Time for some more June wrestling

WCW Clash of the Champions 27

Tonight, we're uniting the World Titles so that Hulk Hogan can win the belt in a few weeks. Also, Hulk Hogan is here, and we got some good sounding matches involving Regal and Austin and the tag team champions. This one is only 90 minutes so I'm gonna do the liveish review and not the review-review.

This being Charleston, SC. We have a "Ric Flair rules" sign on camera behind the announcers. Hey we get an instant reference to the OJ chase from Bobby. Also we're pretending Sherri's man isn't obviously Flair.

Our first match, The Nasty Boys vs Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan: Kevin Sullivan is a face, as you can tell from him no longer being billed from Singapore. We have two referees assigned for this non-streetfight. Also Dave Sullivan with a dyslexic Hulk shirt that might have gotten them sued if he spelled it right. It was probably for the best for these 4 mens health that they only ran Nasties vs Cactus Jack for like 5 months instead of longer. Kinda wild to see this matchup trying to be done under actual normal rules. I guess the Nasty Boys weren't doomy enough to be in the Dungeon of Doom. Hulk Hogan is on his way to North Charleston after finding out there's a North Charleston. "We're seeing a contained brawl" - well, it is the opener. Sullivan vs the Nastys is a fun matchup since Sullivan likes to stiff people and the Nastys work like they don't know wrestling is a work. WCW putting their commentators right next to the ring apron always looks weird in retrospect. Big pop for the Cactus Jack clothesline. Then Jack jumps directly into the safety rail like a fucking lunatic. Mick Foley trying to mosh pit onto the Nasty Boys is risky enough. So this match has intensified a little from the start. The refs want a decisive finish so they don't have to work the rematch for this match. Evad hits Sags with a crutch and Jack hits a DDT on Knobbs to retain. Evad is dressed like someone who wears his bathrobe for most of the day.

Let's go to Mean Gene. Exclusive interviews on the Hotline. Gordon Solie and Teddy Long will provide results. This show is on cable TV. Why are you calling to get information about it. Meanwhile, STING. Sting is hungry and he's gonna eat up Ric Flair.

Let's take a look at The Guardian Angel hanging out in New York with the Guardian Angels. Kinda surprising it took this long for Ray Traylor's "copyright infringement" Boss gimmick to get zapped. Hey it's Curtis Sliwa. 

Now, it's The Guardian Angel vs Tex Slazenger. You see, Nick Bockwinkel stripped the Boss of his nightstick and Curtis Sliwa decided to take him in. Which is actually a realistic conclusion to this whole thing. Ray Traylor as a fiery babyface in the South does fit. Guardian Angel wins with whatever the Bossman Slam was called at this time.

Love that Hogan is getting a motorcade to go 7 minutes from the Charleston International Airport to the North Charleston Arena. Anyways, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart are here.

Jesse Ventura still works here (for now) and he's at the Broadcast Location now.

Next up, Lord Steven Regal vs Larry Zbyszko. Regal's aristocratic hometown of Blackpool is a solid in-joke since it's not like most of the fans knew better. If you thought babyface Larry Zbyszko was weird in 1994, just wait until he became a bigger babyface 3 years later. The powdered wig get-up for Regal is fun too. So how much did Bill Dundee make for a few years of being Sir William compared to what he was making in Memphis. Feels like the origins of the Regal/Zbyszko feud is very similar to how a feud would have started on WWF Championship Wrestling in the 70s/80s. Exquisite counter to a butterfly suplex by Larry. The fans on the camera are either popping for the match or yelling at Bill Dundee depending on the situation. Jesse might not have been doing much by 1994 by he is gonna put over the importance of the TV title, which is neat. Regal just forearming Larry in the face over and over. Regal selling a scissors hold like he's being stabbed. Sir William provides help to counter a Boston Crab and Steven Regal is the TV champion yet again. Man, Vader vs Regal would have been a brutal match around this time.

They keep the "PHONE NUMBER IS NO LONGER ACTIVE" graphic on the screen a few seconds after the hotline graphic disappeared. Also Bash at the Beach in a few weeks.

Mean Gene talks to Dustin Rhodes and his sincere friend Arn Anderson. Arn Anderson will accept the offer of partnership if he is allowed to be the Old Arn Anderson. Truly a team that will last.

Now it's time for, Johnny B. Badd vs Stunning Steve Austin. Who was making these specialty robes for Johnny B. Badd. The fans look excited to get some confetti from the Badd Blaster. Got a "Steve Austin Rules the World" sign. Colonel Parker is not with Steve Austin anymore. The specialized message tights Austin used around this time feel like he was trying to do add some flair upon being told about marketing guys in black tights. It took a few years but Jesse looks like the smartest man around for hyping Steve Austin as much as he did. Somebody probably thought that heel Mero could work with Stone Cold in 1998 but that wasn't to be for a few reasons. Liked that Johnny B. Badd dropkick off the ropes. This is a pretty fun match. Austin hits Badd with a mystery object and beats him with a small package to retain the US title. The second referee comes out to meddle, the brass knucks fall, Johnny B. Badd cradles Austin and gets a 3 count. In other words, Austin retains by DQ as they'll announce in a few minutes.

HE'S AMERRRRRRICCAANNN MADEEEEE... man, I wanna know what Jimmy Hart turned down before deciding this was the right Hogan entrance music. This sounds like they used AI to generate music in the style of the WCW Slam Jam album. Anyways, Hulk Hogan is here like the Borg taking over a planet. Turns out the resentment from WCW loyalists wasn't purely due to North vs South, they were annoyed that Hogan kept saying "The WCW". "The only way that Hulkamania can live forever is if I clean up my legacy" - clean it up from what Hulk. Meanwhile, Ric Flair shows up on the video screen to a pop because this is South Carolina. These fans are far more positive towards Hogan than they would be in about a year or so. I'd compare the crowd dynamic here to when they had Face Goldust vs Jerry Lawler in Evansville and the crowd was cheering Lawler without really booing Goldust (at least until the postmatch). They're not anti-Hogan at this time, just pro-Flair.

Bobby Heenan is back and Jesse Ventura is gone.

Shaq and Hulk Hogan have some comments.

And our main event, Ric Flair vs Sting. Tonight we tie up a loose string. Michael Buffer is in the house for this one. Bischoff really should take some time out of his schedule to pat himself on the back for getting Buffer to show up for these matches. If you just introduce Sting as the "International World Champion", it seems nonsensical. But it makes sense if you believe there's a group called WCW International. Meanwhile, Sherri is walking down to the ring like it's Ricky Steamboat at the Clash. Only without Arn Anderson reacting. Sherri has black and white Sting paint on which means Tony Schiavone instantly believes that Sherri is with Sting. Sting vs Flair in this arena is a pretty solid "dueling fanbases" matchup because even if Flair is explicitly a heel, he's not being booed here and Sting isn't being booed either. Sting and Flair playing the hits only for Flair to bump into Sherri on the outside. More playing of the hits. Bobby desperately wanting Flair to not blow his chance to unify the titles because let's be honest, the WCW International Title is a cooler belt. Flair throws Sting over the top rope just as Nick Patrick was looking at a woman in the crowd. "Sherri looks like an oreo cookie exploded in her face" - well, that could have been a dirtier comparison. Hey it's Ric Flair using a sleeperhold. Flair Flop where he flops off to the side instead of to his front. There's probably enough bump freaks to bring back the Superplex as a regular high spot. More playing of the hits and then Sting dives directly into Sherri after Flair allegedly threw her into the way. And in all the turmoil, Flair wins with a schoolboy pin to unify the titles. Then Flair and Sherri hug and Sherri was with Flair all along, an outcome nobody saw coming unless you watched WCW programming where they spoiled it. Sherri splashes Sting a few times. Then Hulk Hogan runs down the side of the ramp to make a save. Considering how quickly the entrance ramp went away when Hogan arrived, how much do you think Hulk didn't care for that ramp. Flair drags Sherri away to prevent her from wiping out Hogan on his first night there. Naturally Ric Flair unifying the belts, getting his title back, is a moment where Hulk Hogan's music plays at the end. "Stinger deserved a much better fate" - welcome to the next 3 years, Tony

Hulk Hogan gets a postmatch interview and he threatens to bring Ted Turner to a WCW show to challenge Ric Flair for Bash at the Beach.

WCW around this time is like watching a band that you really enjoy hitting the mainstream and changing things up in ways that their fans disliked. Presenting the real Death of WCW (if you overlook how much money they were about to make)

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It's time to watch a notorious PPV

Things I Remember from WCW Great American Bash 91:

You see, the opening scaffold match has a capture the flag stip because they realized they didn't want to do a death bump for a throwaway match. So instead you get this match. Eventually the match just ends out of nowhere and the faces win. Eaton seemed unaware that the match could end by him taking the flag back to his side and News was trying to not become the Splatmaster by falling off that thing. I know that the modern "hot opening match" wasn't a thing in 1991 but holy shit, this was a bad way to start the show.

As a result of having to take down scaffolding, they have a lot of time to kill. They also explain that they tried to reinstate Ric Flair at one point but it didn't come together. Why even admit that. Paul E and Arn get to talk about the impending match. Somehow they had 10 minutes to kill and didn't mention the next match until it happened.

Diamond Studd beats Tom Zenk in a few minutes with a back suplex. Which is certainly one way to end that. Hall's Chokeslam looked cool, or as Tony called it, a Throat Slam.

Hey it's Oz with most of the garnishments. The Wizard does so little that the commentary jokes about how little he was moving. Amazing how much better Nash looked once they stopped dyeing his hair gray. Simmons wins with some football movez. 

Why did they not do the WCW Top 10 when they had so much time to kill.

Morton vs Gibson started hot. It slowed down a bit for most of it. The double dropkicks on the ramp was a cool spot if you're gonna have a match with former tag partners both of which are in their RNR gear. I don't think Richard Morton ever changed his gear. Morton wins by hitting Gibson with the "computer". Feels like this feud had the same problem at the first Edge/Christian feud where these tag partners are supposed to have their big match and it just didn't work as well as it could have. Steiners avoided that problem in 1998 by just screwing over the audience and not giving us Rick vs Scott.

Badstreet is dressed as the lazer background in a kids arcade. The Double DDT that eliminated Steve was so bad. I missed the Hayes elimination. The Double DDT on Smothers was a lot better. Then Dustin came in and beat Garvin and Badstreet to give Smart Fans PTSD about Dusty's booking. Maybe the impending time problems were aggrevated by having this match go 17 minutes

The Yellow Dog is accompanied to the ring by somebody's dog. This match goes along for a few minutes. I think Pillman/Badd in 95 was better which says a bit since Pillman was slowing down by 95 but Badd improved a bit. The match ends in a DQ and Badd cold-cocks Pillman out of the ring but decides to not try unmasking him.

Meanwhile Eric Bischoff walks in on a showering Missy Hyatt. Hey, it's not the worst way that they sexually harassed Missy.

Big Josh brings a ho train down to the ring for some reason, I guess since Flair's gone, someone had to pick up that gimmick. Black Blood's gimmick is that he's a masked guy with no nose. Eventually chaos happens and Josh wins with a small package. It was also a lumberjack match.

This is a Come As You Are match for some reason. Kevin Sullivan looking like Adrian Street did his hairdressing. El Gigante suplexing One Man Gang looked impressive. This might actually be one of the better matches of the night. Which isn't necessarily an endorsement. Gigante wins by kicking powder and clotheslining Gang in the back of the head like this is at the Mid-South Coliseum.

Sting vs Koloff tried their best to save this night. Even with the usual strap/chain match stip bullshit that gives every one of those matches similar finishes. Eventually they find a way to claim both guys touched 3 corners at the same time and then Koloff touches the 4th corner first. Koloff resting his head against the turnbuckles like a pillow was a method. Postmatch Sting gets revenge by running a chain into Koloff's nuts.

Another lull to get the cage set up.

Man, the temporary WCW title belt looks like a high school shop class project. The fans wake up enough that some of them start chanting "We Want Flair". The smart fan reviews really oversold the smart fan rebellion. This match was probably as good as every Lugar/Windham match. Nice elbowdrop off the drop by WIndham. Windham getting out of the rack using the cage vindicates this remaining a cage match after firing Flair. Eventually Harley Race shows up, tells Lex Luger to piledrive Barry Windham. Now Lex is the champion and he's a heel. Also, Mr. Hughes is out of the York Foundation as if anybody gives a fuck about that. Did anybody call Harley Race a master of the piledriver before 1991.

Our next match isn't technically a bait and switch since there was no switch. More like a bait and blueballs.

Paul E. is also dressed like a kids arcade. JR notes the lack of time. Somehow they managed to waste so much time. Missy Hyatt with black hair looks pretty good, was Madonna's hair black at this time? The Hardliners show up to abduct Missy Hyatt because intergender matches aren't allowed in Maryland. Gotta love how the Hardliners look like two guys doing a Dock Worker gimmick in a Stallone movie. So this is a handicap match, if you can call a match where Paul E. Dangerously is half of the heel team. I'm guessing that things just worked out and we won't know what the Hardliners did with Missy. It's possible that Paul E looked more athletic last Friday than he looked in 1991. Dick Murdoch and Missy could probably have a fun platonic time drinking beers. Rick Steiner just Steinerlines Paul E to end this match in 2 minutes. Hey, I guess if you had to end this one, that's a way. Also, Rick could have fucked up Paul E more if he wanted with a Steinerline.

I don't think the Hardliners lasted in WCW long enough for the Steiners to get revenge on them.

"Glad we don't have any more matches" - yeah, me too, Jim

So how long did it take for Tony Schiavone to stop dyeing his hair because he's still blonde in July 1991.

This PPV was more baffling and boring than anything else. Why a scaffold match. Why fire your World Champion 2 weeks before the PPV. Why load up the show with 11 matches so that the final one barely made it on air.

Believe it or not, WCW was about to get better but this was a bad one. This was the PPV equivalent of holding a garage sale and showing people all the junk you have in your house.

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I guess it makes sense to open with the scaffold since you'd only have to waste time on PPV as it was coming down

but that was a bad way to kick things off.. granted a chunk of the PPV really had the energy of Clash of the Champions filler, and it's not all because of Scott Steiner's injury and Ric Flair getting fired

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